Gaitan feels the increase in Tao and Takeo's power but Regis worries that it might be too much for their bodies to handle. The werewolf suddenly attacks Takeo but the modified human retaliates with an even faster attack. Gaitan chases after Takeo but when he is about to reach his target, Tao's electrified wire wraps around his arm, reminding him of Tao's presence. Gaitan cuts the wire off with his claws but the trio already successfully lands a combo attack on him. The Dark Spear implanted on Tao and Takeo slowly takes control of their bodies. Meanwhile, Gaitan realizes that his opponents are used to attacking as a team. Gaitan increases his power and deflects the trio's next actions while attacking them. He approaches Tao with an attack which sends him flying through the forest and into the nearby mountains. Takeo falls on his knees which worries Rael and Regis. They realize that the Dark Spear is about to consume him while Gaitan's wounds heal because of regeneration. Rael analyzes their situation and just as he is about to think of how to act, Grui appears from behind and slashes his back. Rael slumps forward and the sneaky werewolf moves on to attack Regis. Taking advantage of Regis' surprise upon seeing Rael injured, Grui appears behind Regis and impales the young noble with his claws. Grui taunts the nobles and Rael answers him back. Because of this, the former imparts another attack on the latter which sends him flying backwards. Grui laughs about what he's done.

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