An emergency meeting is called by the 3rd Elder where he asks the audience of both 2nd and 13th Elders. Referring to the ongoing disturbance in the 'problematic area', the 3rd asks the 2nd Elder whether his pack is involved in it. The werewolf Lord admits the involvement of werewolves, however, he does not take it as a breach of pact with the Union. Rather, he accuses the Union of being aware of Muzaka's presence and yet hiding it from him. Furthermore, he states that he does not have any obligation of reporting his pack's movement to the Union. With the end of the conference, the 13th Elder, Crombel, has the last laugh, finding the development of conflict amongst the other elders quite suitable to his taste.

Meanwhile, Rai's intervention confuses the enemies (while M-21 is certainly relieved) who mistake him for a clan leader. Grui arrogantly steps in to pick a fight, however, to his dismay, Raizel completely ignores his provocations. Rather, Rai directs his attention first to Tao and Takeo who are being consumed by the Dark aura and pacifies the dark power - Tao and Takeo dropping unconscious as the outcome. After that, he notices Regis and Rael who lay on ground - wounded and unconscious. M-21 wonders if Rai is well enough to use his powers as Rai is about to relieve the pain of the young nobles.

By then, Grui has snapped and he directs his attack at Rai who finally turns to face Grui. He repels the attack with ease, much to the surprise of the modified werewolves. Gaitan realizes their opponent is far stronger than they imagined and decides to take him on by himself. He powers up with all he has got and aims a smashing blow at the ground beneath which is also blocked off by Rai.

Suddenly, the presence of another swift motion of power attracts their attention. Grui wonders aloud whether it belongs to another clan leader as the power arrives crashing onto the ground, revealing the voice and form of Muzaka. Grui and Gaitan are taken aback in surprise while Muzaka greets Raizel, saying that he can't just sit back and watch him kill those guys.

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