In a meeting of the Lord and Clan Leaders, Gejutel expresses his will to step down from his position. Everyone is shocked to hear it out of the blue. Gejutel adds that the Landegre clan's soul weapon has been passed down to Regis who will succeed him. This surprises Ludis who thinks Gejutel should have informed the clan leaders or at least their Lord before making such a decision. Even Kei agrees that Gejutel has wronged not informing them about it even though quite a long time has passed since Regis' last visit. Gejutel corrects Kei, saying the hand-over was not made until recently. He explains that it was Regis' strong will which called out the soul weapon and he only refrained from stopping the weapon's response. At this, everyone is startled beyond wit, wondering how strong the will power of the underage noble must be.

The the Lord speaks up. She acceeds to Gejutel's decision and affirms that she will declare Regis as the new Landegre Clan leader. However, she wishes for Gejutel to remain in his position to help them with his advice like before. Gejutel obliges to her word. But he waits for something more with unusual, sparkling eyes. Even the clan leaders can tell Gejutel wants to hear something more. The Lord understands and praises Regis; Gejutel beams with each sentence of praise and starts to emanate his pleasure and pride on his worthy grandson.

Afterwards, Ludis, Rozaria and Rajak are walking along the castle hallway when Rozaria inquires about Karias. Since he is the trouble making clan leader, they assume he has been making trouble even in the human world as well. Rajak thinks about Karias flirting with the school girls but refrains from telling it to his fellow clan leaders. He affirms that Karias is up to no trouble at all. They then inquire about Rael who is known for not liking humans. But Rajak surprises them again, saying that even Rael is enjoying in that place, even though he might not realize it himself. Seeing a hint of smile in Rajak's face and hearing about both Rael and Karias, the other clan leaders also wish they could visit that fascinating place in the human world.

Meanwhile, Lunark and Kentas report the mission failure to Maduke. He is shocked to find out that Muzaka escaped his grasp and chides the two for not completing their mission. Lunark retorts that the Noblesse and clan leaders were also there and there was no way for them to succeed. A voice from behind agrees with her statement and three more figures are revealed: Lagus Tradio accompanied by two young nobles (a male and a female) appears. Lagus remarks that if the Noblesse and Muzaka have teamed up, it will, indeed be a very bad situation for them.

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