The battle between the two fastest combatants commences. Rajak keeps up with Kuharu's speed, blocking and countering the attacks. Kuharu finds it quite exciting to fight Rajak. Whilst the traitor nobles observe, their werewolf partners also find it interesting that the young clan leader is living up to his title. Kuharu explains that he, as the fastest among werewolves, has been looking forward to fight against Rajak Kertia, the fastest of nobles and now his wait has come to fruition. He concentrates his blinding attacks on Rajak who manages to evade again. Rajak slashes with Kartas but Kuharu is also fast enough to evade.

Thus, the attack-evade rounds continue in blinding speed; a stunning mid-air spectacle for normal humans like the crew of an approaching ship. They wonder at the lighting like appearance of the clash but know it's not thunderstorm.

The clash continues and Rajak receives a gash on his face. He calculates his chances of getting out of the situation and warning the other clan leaders at Lukedonia. It is a tough task. A moment of distraction costs him another blow from Kuharu; this time he receives a head-on attack and crashes on to the ground. Kuharu rebukes him, yelling at him to get up and fight. The spectators agree that Rajak has done a good job keeping up so far under pressure but thinks that Kuharu has got the upper hand.

However, Rajak lets out a calm sigh and decides on his action. He swipes back his hair and releases a deadly aura, befitting of an assassin, determined to terminate the enemy in front of him.

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