Rajak recalls the time he was training with Frankenstein in his laboratory. Frankenstein scolds him when he doesn't use his skills to hide himself from the enemy. He is further reprimanded when he admits that he deliberately avoids using those skills, thinking that he was ashamed because Rajak may have thought of them as cowardly. Frankenstein further tells him off as those skills were created by his father and former Kertia clan leader, Ragar. Frankenstein tells him that he needs to throw away those thoughts especially since Rajak is trying to overcome the weakness of having an incomplete soul weapon and incomplete awakening. Rajak then recalls (a flashback within a flashback) the moment his father told him about going into eternal sleep and confessed to him about giving him an incomplete Kartas.Rajak accepts his father's reasons and Ragar tells him about his human friend (Frankenstein) who surpassed his own limits. Ragar tells his son that he can surpass his own limits. The scene shifts again to Rajak and Frankenstein in the laboratory. The noble realizes that Frankenstein's previous statement is the key to overcome his incomplete awakening. 

The scene then shift to Rajak's battle against Kuharu . The werewolf is completely overwhelmed by his speed and hidden presence. Gradeus eventually asks Lagus whether the latter would just continue watching. Lagus then summons his soul weapon - Dolor - to assist Kuharu. As the werewolf feels his body getting heavier, he turns to Lagus who explains that he is helping. At that moment, Kuharu sees Rajak right in front of him.

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