With Kuharu's exclamation about Rajak's appearance, the noble realizes that the strange aura filling the area makes his body heavier so he cannot hide himself or get away from the enemy. Lagus boasts of the skill he developed from trying to copy The Lord and The Noblesse's blood field, explaining that it's specially useful against fighters like him who specialize in speed attacks. He then tells Kuharu to proceed with his attack. Meanwhile, one of Kuharu's comrades, Drakon, calls out that the elder noble interfered when it was their family who should be fighting against Rajak. Gradeus coolly explains that the move was called for by the situation especially since Kuharu is losing against the young clan leader. Gradeus presses further that Rajak shouldn't be allowed to escape since he can totally hide his presence. Lagus tries to calm down both parties while reminding the werewolves that they are there under their Lord's command. Lagus tells the werewolves that they had no choice but to help fight Rajak since they didn't want the latter to escape to Lukedonia.

Gradeus presents himself to join the fight but Drakon still stops him, instead telling the bulky blue werewolf named Mount to join the fight. Mount enthusiastically pounds on his chest when he hears this and lets out a thunderous roar. He immediately transforms for the fight. Meanwhile, Lagus traps Rajak by injuring his ankles so the younger cannot move freely. The former admits that the move is cowardly but necessary to ensure that he would not escape. Mount rushes toward Rajak and the noble realizes that he cannot dodge. With nowhere to run, Rajak takes the full blow of Mount's attack. Kuharu complains about their use of underhanded means just to fight one clan leader. In reaction to this, Lagus decides to stop using his skill and leave the rest to the werewolves. Meanwhile, Mount states that he likes the situation better now that he is able to join the fight. Kuharu is displeased but nevertheless admits that Rajak wins their speed battle. He expresses his desire for a rematch and feels sorry that there isn't going to be one since Rajak needs to die right there. The speedy werewolf conveys his dishonor as a warrior but tells his opponent that he is going to attack with his comrade for the victory of their family. Kuharu proceeds with his attack while Gradeus notices the injuries in Rajak's ankles which has decreased his movements greatly. He asks Lagus about this while commenting that the fight will be too difficult for the young clan leader. Lagus only laughs at the question and continues to watch the fight. As stated, Rajak finds it difficult to dodge and block the attacks thrown at him but he still successfully slashes Mount's arm. However, Mount doesn't seem to be affected by the attack. Gradeus reveals that this is due to Mount's thick skin which Lagus finds impressive.

Mount howls loudly, the sound causing immense damage to what it hits. Despite taking a direct hit, Rajak survives the attack and stands up to face Mount but just one punch from Mount gets him thrown away. Gradeus anticipates that the noble is nearing his demise.

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