In Lukedonia, the three remaining clan leaders are worrying about the Lord who seems to have a downcast mood lately. Kei states that this is due to the recent stance of both humans and werewolves since they would not hesitate to attack Lukedonia and that is a disgrace to the nobles. He continues to say that the Lord may feel responsible for this because of her incomplete powers. Ludis argues that the situation isn't even the Lord's fault since the decrease in the overall strength of the nobles is because of the traitorous clan leaders. They left so the number of clan leaders defending Lukedonia decreased, thus bringing others the idea that Lukedonia can be attacked. Rozaria agrees with Ludis and Kei tells them that blaming others is not important. Grasping their situation is the most important and as the remaining clan leaders, they need to take responsibility and overcome the reality that they are being looked down by others. As they continue to walk quietly, Ludis suddenly exclaims about an idea he has but it turns out that he just want to experience "tea time" with Rajak and Karias once they return to Lukedonia. He explains that he has heard from Seira and Regis about this experience and it sounded pleasant. Hearing more from Rajak has him thinking that maybe they can do it too. Kei asks whether it is a gathering for the current clan leaders to spend time with each other. Ludis says yes and the other two agrees to his proposal. They continue to walk while talking about when they will gather.

Meanwhile, Rajak's fight against the werewolves continues. He looks weary and cannot dodge Mount's coming attack. He skids back and dodges the second attack. However, Kuharu's attacks, added to Mount's attacks, are too much for him to handle and soon the werewolves overpower him. Gradeus tells the werewolves to hurry and finish him so they can proceed to Lukedonia and Lagus tells them the same. Upon hearing this, Rajak becomes enraged and suddenly attacks Lagus. There was a great impact which caused smoke and dust to billow but when it cleared, Lagus remains safe as it is revealed that Gradeus summoned his soul weapon (in the form of a two-headed battle ax) to block Rajak's attack. The traitor nobles express their surprise that the young clan leader still has strength left to attack in the manner that he did. Rajak announces that he will not let anyone of his opponents enter Lukedonia and slashes at Gradeus. The latter receives a big slice across his face, causing him to go berserk and chop off Rajak's right arm.

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