The chopped arm lands a few meters away from its owner. Gradeus is still fuming over Rajak's attitude and states that he is just like his father Ragar who is noble and royal. He adds that the father and son are also alike in the way that they both annoy him. Kuharu and Mount protests and asserts that Rajak is 'their' opponent but Gradeus retorts that the reason the situation became as it is is because the werewolves are not doing their job right. While he is talking, Rajak seizes the opportunity to stab Gradeus with his soul weapon. However, Gradeus blocks it with his own soul weapon. Rajak casts another attack which Gradeus blocks once again. Lagus observes that the former attacks without caring about the consequences. Gradeus starts to enjoy the fight and launches his own attack. He strikes downward from afar with his battle ax which causes the ground to be sliced in half and throws Rajak off his feet. He covers the distance between him and his opponent and strikes again. He relentlessly attacks the young clan leader until the werewolves eventually interrupt him. The werewolves again push their claim on the fight. Lagus senses Gradeus' irritation and asks the latter to restrain himself. The werewolves then resume their attacks on Rajak but the noble keeps on retaliating, landing his own attacks on the two. Drakon wonders if his attacks are getting stronger after Mount moans how much it hurts while Kuharu slashes Rajak's back. However, Rajak faces him and attacks him non-stop, to Kuharu's surprise. When the noble gets distracted by Mount, Kuharu sneaks in another attack, intending for it to be the end but Rajak releases another colony of bats towards Kuharu. When the coast clears, Kuharu emerges with Rajak's soul weapon on his chest. Kuharu loses consciousness while falling face down with Kartas still lodged on his chest.

Mount rushes to his comrade, easily shoving Rajak aside. He kneels beside the fallen werewolf, shouting for him to wake up while Rajak proclaims again that no one will enter Lukedonia. Drakon becomes wide-eyed to this proclamation as he realizes how far Rajak can go for his homeland. From behind, Gradeus suddenly stabs Rajak from behind, announcing his disdain at Rajak's reason to fight.

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