The team of invaders have split into two groups to wreck havoc in Lukedonia. The werewolves, Drakon and Mount meet up with another of their kind, Kaiyo. According to their plan, she has been following them, keeping her distance to hide her presence from the traitor nobles. Drakon recounts that the werewolf Lord, Maduke, intends to wipe out the noble race as they are a hindrance to his plan. So, their job is to finish off the nobles and their young Lord. Since it would mean less work for them if the traitor nobles and Lukedonian clan leaders wound each other, Kaiyo suggests they stir up a chaos in the meantime.

In the Noblesse's mansion, Edian finds her way to the familiar room - the one where Raizel once used to stand and gaze out through the window. She fixes her gaze at the very same spot and it takes her back hundreds of years, back when Raizel was still there. Even back then she used to stand silently and watch him from the back. Raizel had once asked her why she stood like that and told her she could leave. But she had requested him to allow her to stand for a while longer. Raizel had permitted her to do as she wished. The flashback ends and Edian finds herself gazing at the window; Raizel is no longer there.

Meanwhile, an alarm breaks through the Tradio house. An intruder has broken in and the guards rush in his pursuit. However, they are easily brought down. A noble woman approaches the intruder and finds herself face-to-face with Lagus Tradio. She bows down to greet the clan leader. The other nobles follow her example. Lagus greets his daughter, Claudia Tradio and compliments her on maintaining the household for so long.

The Lukedonian nobles, on the other hand, are yet oblivious to the infiltration. A report reaches Ludis that some Central Order guards are missing near the border but the cause is unknown. Along the shore, Gradeus is bored cleaning up the Central Order who are too weak for his amusement and anticipates the appearance of at least one clan leader. His anticipation is about to be answered soon as Ludis finally decides to check out the situation himself.

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