Ludis and his subordinate arrive to investigate the incident of the missing Central Order knights only to find their dead bodies lying along the coastside forest. Ludis can hardly believe that the knights were completely overwhelmed by the attacker and leaves on his own to search for other knights. There again, he finds the knights' bodies piled over. He thinks to himself that had there been any intruders, they would have to come through his barrier which he deems impossible. He wonders if it is the work of an insider when a sudden attack compels him to draw out his soul weapon and Ludis finds himself face-to-face against Gradeus. This comes as a shock to the former and Ludis demands to know what a traitor clan leader has been doing in Lukedonia. Gradeus remarks that he was a former resident of Lukedonia who's lived there longer than Ludis has and so there should be no problem of him being there. Ludis finds no reason why a former clan leader would slaughter his central order knights and asks Gradeus once more why he did this. Gradeus replies that they were simply annoying him. At this, a furious Ludis charges at Gradeus. The latter changes his stance to offensive in an instant and strikes the first blow. However, Ludis blocks this attack, making Gradeus wonder how he could block his frontal attack so easily. Gradeus recollects that the Mergas clan specializes in defence - an exact opposite of himself. This picks his interest and he prepares for a serious battle.

Meanwhile, Raizel and Frankenstein are on their way to Lukedonia. During the journey, Frankenstein reminisces a memory with Ragar. It was after his master's disappearance. A great explosion was sensed but no traces were found. Frankenstein was disappointed, as well as furious to some extent about the search effort of the nobles and had decided to leave Lukedonia in order to search for his master by himself. He had told Ragar that he cannot trust anyone in Lukedonia. Ragar didn't stop him but wished they could meet again someday. The feeling was mutual. That was the last time Frankenstein had met Ragar. At present, he can but apologize to Ragar's soul for being unable to save his son.

The journey is disrupted by the sudden attack from the fleet-on-guard. As the plane bursts in flames, Rai and Frankenstein land on the ship. The Captain orders his crew to open fire on the duo. But Frankenstein gives them a taste of his dark power for daring to fire in his master 's direction. Due to the shortage of time, he only destroys their equipments and follows his master who resumes his flight to Lukedonia.

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