Mount is lying face down on the ground with Kei towering over him. Kaiyo is dumbfounded as she sees the strength of the clan leader. Drakon and Kei stare at each other. Mount suddenly gets up and releases a punch but Kei easily avoids the attack. Mount aims another jab towards his opponent while angrily exclaiming that he was hurt. Kei, however, easily blocks this next attack and delivers his own attack on the werewolf. With his soul weapon on, Kei punches Mount which sends him flying over the noble's head. Kei steps back to deliver another attack. Kaiyo witnesses this whole spectacle and rushes forward to save Mount, pulling him back to safety while blocking Kei's attack. As she inspects the arm she used for blocking, Drakon steps forward and volunteers to fight the famed Ru Clan leader. Kaiyo worries that he might get hurt which may become inconvenient for their mission and suggest to fight him together. Drakon agrees to her statement but argues that it will be disrespectful to his strength to attack all together. Drakon further reassures Kaiyo by asking whether she really thinks fighting agains Kei will take a huge toll on his body to which she answers in the negative. He then addresses Kei, telling him that he will fight the noble as a warrior before letting out his strength. Kei then states that he cannot believe that an agressor talks about respect and calls himself a warrior. Drakon flinches at the remark and tells him that even if he is the strongest clan leader, he is still too young. Drakon adds that he has been a warrior even before Kei's time as a clan leader. Kei retorts that the werewolf should stop talking and prove himself by attacking. Drakon gets angry at his arrogance and starts attacking. The two fighters engage in a series of powerful hand-to-hand combat attacks while Kaiyo and Mount remain as spectators. The fighters both successfully block each other while Kaiyo comments that Kei cannot match Drakon, as expected. Mount inquires about this statement and Kaiyo explains that Drakon is the one with greater strength as he trained much longer than Kei.

The scene shifts to Gejutel reading a book in a living room with bookshelves lined at the walls. He suddenly senses something familiar when an attack comes at him. He manages to avoid the first attack but gets pierced from the back from a second attack. Lagus Tradio then enters followed by her daughter, Claudia.

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