The chapter opens with Gejutel facing Lagus Tradio and his daughter. The latter remarks the former's surprise while the former questions the latter's return when he is a traitor. Lagus warns the Gejutel to be careful of what he says. Just then, the Gejutel winces from the pain of the wound that the Tradio Clan leader inflicted on him. Gejutel worries whether there is poison in the wound. Lagus tells the former Landegre Clan leader how incredulous he finds the situation - getting hurt and becoming so weak. The traitor further adds that he was initially looking forward to their reunion but seeing Gejutel in his weak and wounded state now has just made him dismal. Gejutel tells him off, asking whether he has no shame at all and noting that the bald man has changed so much since they last met since Lagus can say what he said when he is the one to blame for Gejutel's wound. Lagus tells Gejutel that with his manner of speaking, it is evident that he, too, hasn't changed. The bald traitor inquires about what happened, pertaining to the fact that Gejutel handed over the soul weapon to his grandson. He had thought that Gejutel entered eternal sleep and expresses his delight to see him alive. Lagus thanks the wounded noble for letting his daughter and the rest of his clan survive. Gejutel answers that they believed that only Lagus is involved with the betrayal and not his entire family. Lagus concurs, saying that he knows for a fact that Gejutel would think that way and protect his family. Lagus tells Gejutel that the reason he came is to show him how he takes Lukedonia for himself.

Meanwhile, Gradeus successfully breaks Ludis' forcefield with his soul weapon Messad's true form. As he goes into berserk mode, his eyes and mouth glow red which Ludis notices. He swings Messad and slices Ludis chest. Gradeus aims another attack but Ludis jumps and the trees behind him get cut in half. Without pause, Gradeus attacks again. Ludis frantically uses his shield to block and successfully wounds Gradeus' arm, the Mergas Clan leader realizes that while the opponent's attacks got stronger but the defenses got weaker. Blood drips from Gradeus' arm when his eyes and mouth glow red. He lets out a powerful attack. Gradeus calls on Ludis to stop dodging while the latter is confused as to why the traitor's speed and strength improved. Ludis successfully lands an attack which he is sure to damage the opponent greatly. However, he feels his opponent's aura get stronger.

Ludis' subordinate finally arrives at the Lord's throne room. Ignoring formalities, he frantically reports the urgent news to the Lord - the traitor clan leaders have returned!

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