The scene opens with Lagus reiterating to Gradeus that if not for their arrival, then the latter would have embarassed himself. Gejutel calls out to the impaled and beaten Ludis who looks up to see the old noble in a similar situation as him. Suddenly, Gradeus pulls Ludis up by the hair and smashes him face-first to the ground. He proceeds to beat Ludis, enraged because the kid (who he belittled) made him feel fear. He continues beating him up, intending to finish the Mergas Clan leader. Gejutel shouts for the traitor to stop and tries to approach them but Lagus restricts him by piercing one of his legs, effectively stopping Gejutel in his tracks. Lagus turns to Gradeus and hurries the latter so they can proceed with other things. Gradeus agrees to end his beating when he notices Gejutel. He asks how he is alive since he thought the old Landegre entered eternal sleep when he heard the news that Regis had used Legasus. He then cuts off any chance for the old man to answer, saying that it doesn't matter if Gejutel is alive or not. He raises his soul weapon, intending to finish Ludis, when sharp icicle-like things appear and move toward him. Gradeus jumps to dodge the sudden attack and lands while demanding to know the person responsible for the attack. Another set of the crystal-like objects are thrown at him from all sides, surrounding him in a circle. The impact causes an explosion and Lagus correctly deduces that the attack comes from Rozaria. Rozaria shows herself with her own soul weapon already summoned. Rozaria demands to know what the traitors' reasons are for returning to Lukedonia when they were the ones who left while saying that they hated it. She notes Gejutel and Ludis' conditions when Gradeus approaches her for an attack. She jumps up to dodge and notes that he runs really runs in blindly just like what she heard. Rozaria sends red beams of aura to the ground where Gradeus remains standing but he suddenly reappears behind her, swinging Messad towards the back of her head. Instantly, Rozaria disappears and reappears on the ground, aiming her next attack towards Gradeus. Gradeus avoids the red beams while approaching Rozaria. Another explosion occurs when one of the beams hit Gradeus but the said traitor reappears from the smoke, looking stronger after the attack. Rozaria is surprised by her opponent's increase in speed. Gradeus is in frenzy and sends attacks after her one after another but her teleportation skill allows her to dodge all attacks.

Suddenly, Rozaria hears Gejutel's voice in her head telling her to run and bring Ludis with her so that he can be saved. She inquires what will become of Gejutel. Gejutel reminds her that even with her skill, she cannot save both Ludis and himself. He mentions that he is one noble who should have gone to eternal sleep long ago so he opts for her to save Ludis and tells her not to worry about him. Gejutel's attention shifts to Lagus who observes loudly that Gradeus is having a difficult time keeping up with Rozaria and her teleportation. The bald traitor decides to interfere in Gradeus' fight once more. As the traitor raises his left hand, Gejutel tries to attack Lagus from behind, only to be pierced on the right side of his body from behind with the bald traitor's vine-like skill. More blood trails down from Gejutel's mouth as he calls Lagus's name. The traitor turns his head back to ask his 'friend' what he thinks he is doing.

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