Raizel and Frankenstein finally reach the shores of Lukedonia. Frankenstein senses that the barrier has been turned off. The barrier reacts to the blood of nobles but there are very few who can control it so well. That narrows down the list of culprit to Lagus. Rai realizes that Lagus Tradio and his traitor companions have teamed up with the werewolves and entered Lukedonia. So, they hurry onward to aid the Lukedonian nobles.

Meanwhile, the battle between Rozaria and Gradeus continues on. Tired Gradeus is having a hard time to deal with Rozaria's swift short-range teleportations. He then aims for Ludis who lays on nearby ground, wounded and unconscious. Gejutel creates a diversion for Rozaria to take Ludis and teleport from the incoming blow. Gradeus is infuriated at Gejutel and releases his wrath on him. Despite his own suffering, Gejutel tells Rozaria to flee with the injured Ludis. However, seeing Rozaria delay, Lagus realizes that she is worried about Gejutel and unwilling to leave him there. Gejutel then addresses Rozaria by her full noble name and urges her to leave because her duty is not to protect him but their Lord. Rozaria finally decides to take Ludis and flee and as soon as Lagus realizes it, he tells Gradeus to finish them off. But her teleportation enables them to dodge the attack. Although upset that Rozaria fled, Lagus predicts that she would not get far.

Rozaria continues to flee with gravely wounded Ludis. However, their escapade fails as Edian ambushes them. A swing of her rapiers slashes at Rozaria and she blocks the path of the evaders.

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