Edian's arrival deters the flight of Rozaria and Ludis. Soon, the traitor nobles who they were escaping from arrive as well to trap the fugitives. Gradeus slides past Edian, complimenting her for having finally proved useful. Edian steals a glance behind Lagus where a wounded Gejutel is thrown to the ground. Gejutel staggers up and realizing that Edian has joined in, he remarks that her arrival finally marks the gathering of all traitors.

Rozaria observes that the traitors have positioned themselves well enough to block their flight. Since her teleportation ability is short-ranged, no matter where she teleports, they'll land near the enemy. She knows that the former clan-leaders know their ability way too well. Rozaria does not have much time to ponder over tactics as Gradeus' blow is about to land on them. However, she successfully dodges the attack, takes Ludis and teleports, only to realize that Lagus has also aimed his vines at them. Gradeus swings another powerful blow from behind which is, to all of their surprise, blocked none other than Ludis. He has finally regained consciousness and is resolved to fight until the end. Even the ex-clan leaders find the fighting spirit of the young clan leaders quite interesting.

Ludis concludes that the 'tea-time' he dreamed of will never come true so he urges Rozaria to flee because at least some of them must survive. Rozaria finally leaps into the air. Lagus and Gradeus aim their attacks at her, however, Ludis manipulates their attacks and draws them towards himself. His shield blocks and dispels the attacks while the attackers are shocked at the occurrence. Rozaria uses this opportunity, not to run away but to aim her most powerful attack at the enemies. She hovers over them all and summons her ultimate skill, the Divine Judgement. As the colossal eye awakens, Lagus realizes what it is and advises Gradeus to stay clear of it. The Eye shoots a vast, blood-red beam of aura and the entire vicinity rumbles.

Elsewhere, Kei faces the attacks of Drakon, Kaiyo and Mount. Kaiyo finds it unbelievable that the clan leader is not down yet. Drakon acknowledges that Kei is stronger than him. He realizes why their Lord, Maduke, considers the Lukedonian nobles as threat. Drakon admits that he lost in their battle but turns to completing the mission to finish off the nobles. Drakon suddenly releases a strong aura as he prepares an attack. He releases a large beam targeting Kei to finish the weakened clan leader. However, the arrival of another soul weapon blocks the attack. The werewolves stand in awe before the weapon as Kei kneels down to greet its wielder...the Lord of nobles has joined the fight herself!

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