The werewolves find it hard to believe that the young lady standing before them is the Lord of Nobles. Kei requests the Lord to let him finish the fight but obliges when Raskreia orders him to rest. Drakon decides that retreating is their best option as it is likely they would take severe damage if they 'hunt' the Lord of Nobles by themselves, when they've only come to 'assist' traitor nobles.

Raskreia addresses the werewolves and asks them where their teammates - the traitor nobles are. Seeing that they are reluctant to answer, she tells it hardly matters anyway since they're all going to die for daring to attack Lukedonia. At this, Drakon reacts with an attack aimed for the noble Lord but this is revealed to be a diversion as the three werewolves leap in the air to make their getaway. However, with one swing of Ragnarok, Raskreia succeeds in dispelling the attack aimed at her as well as answering with a blow aimed at the werewolves. The blow catches the three in midair and they fall to the ground, not escaping unscathed even though they have blocked the attack. Another red swish of the legendary blade comes at them and Mount's leg is caught in it. The werewolves realizes that the noble Lord has no intention of letting them go that easy. Drakon signals Kaiyo and Mount and the three of them aim combined attacks directed at the Lord. The Lord creates a barrier with Ragnarok to block. As the impact clears, Raskreia stands unscathed within her forcefield. Kaiyo is astounded that the combined attack is stopped so easily while Drakon realizes that their attempts to buy time to flee will never hurt her. But they don't have much time to reflect as Raskreia raises her soul weapon to summon a Blood Field aimed towards them. The werewolves barely dodge the powerful attack when they notice a colossal aura beam. Raskreia looks away as she observes Rozaria's attack but within this short distraction, the werewolves aim at Kei and get away. Kei assures the worried Lord that he is alright and urges her to follow the enemies who are on their way to join the traitors. Raskreia leaps in the air to catch the fugitives.

Meanwhile, Rozaria appears exhausted after summoning her ultimate attack. She hardly lands when Lagus' vines pop up from underground to strike her from behind. She quickly teleports to evade the impaling and faces Lagus Tradio. Lagus is amused at Rozaria and compliments her on mastering the ultimate attack of Elenor Clan: Divine Judgement. He is surprised that she could pull it off at such a short time during the battle, considering how the attack originally requires a lot of time to prepare. However, Lagus also points out her strategy's failure to her - due to her short-time preparation or perhaps hesitation that she might hurt her friends, she has not used the attack to its full potential and as such, has not inflicted much damage. Rozaria disagrees, referring that she has at least got Gradeus mortally wounded.

Gradeus is then shown lying just beside the colossal crater in the middle of their battlefield, scowling in agony with a major portion of his body (three of his limbs missing) being destroyed in the attack. Rozaria is shocked that he could still be alive while Gradeus yells at Lagus to fix him up. Lagus approaches the near-dead Gradeus with a grin and starts to demonstrate one of his many feats: regeneration enhancement. Streams of aura flow out from his cane into Gradeus' body and the destroyed portions regrow as Lagus explains how the Nobles had only one thing short in terms of power compared to the werewolves - regenerative ability. The normal healing process that works in a Noble's body is too slow. Lagus states that after years of experimenting, he has obtained the enhanced regeneration power which has, according to him, unleashed infinite potential for Nobles. As the Lukedonian clan leaders watch in awe, Lagus stands beside a fully-regenerated Gradeus seating with a broad grin. The Berserker is back in action...

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