Gradeus gets up on his feet after the regeneration completes and prepares to unleash his wrath on Rozaria. He picks up his soul weapon and charges towards his opponent. Rozaria, on the other hand, is worn out from using her ultimate attack and can only aim aura beams which are no match for the angry berserker. Gradeus closes the distance and attempts to land a smashing blow at her but she evades successfully by teleporting. Gradeus swings another blow at her and, this time, Lagus uses his vines to entwine her legs making her unable to evade. The attack hits Rozaria with a blast. The impact clears and she stands wounded. Gradeus regrets that he is unable to gather all his strength despite his wounds being completely healed, otherwise, his attack would have finished off Rozaria. Lagus then impales Rozaria with his vines while explaining how the use of Divine Judgement has taken up all her energy, weakening her severely for a while. That is another drawback of the attack, apart from being time-consuming. He also ironically comments that she should have made sure to wound them when she used that attack. Rozaria apologizes to Gejutel for not being able to either flee or damage the enemy.

Just then, the three werewolves arrive. Lagus greets them, asking whether they have finished off Kei as it appears that they have fought him. Both Gejutel and Rozaria are shocked to find out that the traitors have brought werewolves along with them. Drakon states that he has fought Kei Ru but could not finish off the clan leader because of the appearance of the Lord of Lukedonia herself. At the mention of the Lord, all the traitor nobles freeze momentarily as Drakon finishes his statement: he has lured the Lord to this place instead. Lagus, Gradeus and Edian eyes the distinctive figure as the Lord of Nobles comes striding towards them.

Lagus mockingly greets the Lord and Gradeus jests that he is surprised to see her as he thought she would be cooped up in her castle, not knowing anything that's happening outside. Raskreia glances at her loyal clan leaders who lay wounded by the traitors. She then glares at the traitors who have dared to defile her land. However, Lagus remarks that the term 'traitor' do not apply to them since they only think differently. He further accuses the Lord as the sole problem for suppressing the nobles and making the race fall behind in the world where in reality, even humans now disrespect nobles. According to Lagus, in order for nobles to regain their strength and freedom, the Lord has to disappear.

With this cue, Gradeus jumps to attack the Lord. Raskreia easily blocks it along with the vines of Lagus which crept out from behind to impale her. Edian takes an attacking stance from behind while Gradeus goes for another frontal attack. Raskreia counters the simultaneous attacks with speed. As she turns to deal with Edian, a striking blow from Gradeus and vines from Lagus come from behind. However, Raskreia has conjured a blood shield to block both assaults in time. She then summons her Blood Field, engulfing all the traitors and werewolves. Gradeus realizes that the situation would get out of their hands if they do not act soon. Even Drakon observes that the Lord's power increases against any living creatures within its range. Raskreia powers up her Blood Field and transforms them into multiple tornadoes to destroy the enemies inside the field. Gradeus does waste any time and slashes at a blood tornado. Lagus and the others do the same. Soon, all the blood tornadoes are dispelled. Gradeus and Lagus face the Lord with grinning faces, mocking her on the fact that they have destroyed her precious attack so easily. Lagus takes his turn to display his own technique: Blood Mist. The technique surrounds them with crimson mist as Lagus explains that everything inside it becomes his and he can attack them from anywhere as long as they are inside the mist. With this, many vines appear randomly and rush towards the Lord to impale her. She thwarts those off but finds her injured clan leaders weakened further.

Meanwhile, Raizel and Frankenstein face a shocking situation: Raizel's mansion has been destroyed! Frankenstein glares with fury, ready to bestow vengeance at whoever dared destroy his master's mansion as both of them stand amidst the debris.

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