The Lord appears exhausted as she continues to face the Traitor nobles. Gejutel blames himself while looking at the Lord's back. Meanwhile, Lagus chides the Lord about worrying over others since she is not that strong enough. Upon hearing this, Gradeus aims an attack on the wounded clan leaders. The Lord defends against him but the insane traitor exclaims his disbelief that Lagus' claim is proven true. He seconds Lagus' statement, also rudely telling the Lord that she is not in position to pay attention to anyone else. He insults the Lord a few more times by saying that he has waited long to drag her down from her position and demanding that she shows her full strength while fighting them, and sinks into despair knowing her own powerlessness. He ends his litany by sending an attack meant to finish Gejutel and the clan leaders. The Lord protects them once more. So Lagus tells her to protect them if she can, sending his vines to attack them too. Edian also joins the barrage of attacks. The Lord continues to fend off the traitors' attacks while keeping an eye out for the wounded nobles. However, Lagus's vines pass over her, attempting to reach Gejutel, Rozaria and Ludis. Kei arrives to block the attack but collapses afterwards. The Lord is again distracted by the turn of events but she still summons a Blood Field (in whirlwind-like form) from her Ragnarok to attack the traitors in front of her. However, Gradeus appears from behind and slams down his Messad. The Lord turns a split second later but the attack lands on the ground and throws her off balance.

Mount is in awe upon witnessing the strength of the nobles while Drakon remains silent by his side. Lagus starts talking again, chiding the Lord that she is just as weak as she had been before while the present clan leaders showed the traitors surprising abilities upon fighting them. He mentions meeting Rajak before arriving in Lukedonia and delivers the news of Rajak's death (only known to the unconscious Ludis until now) to them. The Lord becomes enraged upon hearing this and summons titanic red crosses - much like Ludis' final attack, to fall towards the traitors. However, this attack proves inferior to Lagus' skill as he defends himself and his fellow traitors from the Lord's attack. The traitors then start to attack again while the Lord continues to defend her people. Rozaria feels regretful and apologizes for burdening her when it is their duty to protect her. The Lord, however, answers that she doesn't need their protection and it is her duty to protect them as their lord as she summons a colossal beam. After the smoke from the impact clears, Lagus tells her that her attack is not enough and the end is in sight.

At that moment, words are heard from nowhere: I found you. With his dark aura surrounding him, Frankenstein makes his grand entrance. Frankenstein tells a surprised Gejutel that his "hyung" (elder brother) is here which makes Gejutel speechless.

Translation Errors by LINE Webtoons

At the end of this chapter, Frankenstein told Gejutel that his hyung (elder brother) is here. This was the reason why Gejutel was flabbergasted and dark faced as Gejutel is older than him. LINE simply translated it as "bro" thus making readers confused why Gejutel got dark faced.

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