With everyone still in a stupor, Frankenstein asks the "Lady" to step back for a while. The Lord is confused whether he is addressing her. Gejutel is shocked at this unusual, honorific-less address. But as Frankenstein continues babbling, Gejutel realizes that he has never been happier to see the "crazy kid" so out of his mind.

Frankenstein then turns to face the traitors. Standing with an arm akimbo, the other fist clenched tightly and "pissed off" written all over his face, he declares that he has been waiting to meet them. Even the werewolves feel a deadly aura from the human. Finally, Gradeus opens his mouth to confront Frankenstein. He finds it ridiculous that someone who has been hiding all along could be saying that he wanted to meet them. He checks with Frankenstein whether he has finally come to die after living such a long life for a human. Frankenstein breaks into his sadistic grin to declare the exact opposite: he has come to get rid of them all. Rozaria cannot help wondering where Frankenstein gets all his confidence. Gradeus continues to insult him. However, Lagus thinks over the situation seriously. He asks Frankenstein to confirm his suspicion but the latter affirms his fear before he could even finish the question. Frankenstein states that his master has come as well. At the sheer mention of the Noblesse, shock and shiver spread through both parties.

Lagus considers their odds if the Noblesse arrives to join forces with Frankenstein and the Lord to fight them. He decides to finish off their mission as fast as possible before the Noblesse gets here and urges Gradeus to do so. Frankenstein interrupts their battle strategy to ask which of them killed Rajak and destroyed his master's mansion. He doesn't wait for any response as he declares that they are all going to be annihilated anyway.

Frankenstein then summons his dark spear; its presence sending shivers down the spine of his enemies. Drakun realizes that this is Frankenstein who was known as the strongest human as well as the one who is by Noblesse's side. Lagus wonders how the human has gotten even stronger than before. Gradeus, on the other hand, prefers acting rather than thinking and launches a frontal attack. Witnessing this, Rozaria thinks that it is too dangerous, however, Frankenstein knocks him off balance with ease. Gradeus goes for a second attack but this time too, Frankenstein knocks him off with his spear. Both Lagus and Edian watch Gradeus get pushed back in a head-on attack which is quite unusual for him. Even Gradeus himself mutters it in disbelief. Frankenstein seizes the opportunity for trash-talking up Gradeus while covering their distance, provoking him to make a wrong move. They collide again, this time, Gradeus is completely thrown off. Lagus tries to lend a hand but Gradeus refuses any help. So, Lagus decides to get rid of the others and tells Edian and the werewolves to get on the offense. They line up to face the Lukedonians, leaving Gradeus to deal with Frankenstein. Frankenstein chuckles at the new regime and acknowledges that Lagus isn't easy to be fooled. But he suddenly halts as his eyes fixate behind them and he exclaims: M-MASTER!

The traitors and werewolves quickly turn around as if their lives depend on it. But there is only empty vastness behind them. They find no presence of the Noblesse. Then they turn back only to realize that Frankenstein has used the moment of confusion to make his move. Mount and Gradeus are impaled with the spears as Frankenstein bursts into laughter. He calls them insane for turning away during a battle. The enemies realize that Frankenstein has made fool out of them all while the trickster keeps on laughing.

This unusual style of fighting leaves Rozaria wondering. Gejutel assures that this is how Frankenstein has always been - ever since they had first met or perhaps, from the moment he was born. Gejutel acknowledges that he despises Frankenstein but also considers him quite refreshing. Even Raskreia breaks into a smile. After a pause, he declares that he cannot stand losing to Frankenstein, while the man himself stands with a grin, broader than any that he has sported before.

Translation Mistakes

The official translation (LINE Webtoons) misplaced the dialogue box at the end. It was Gejutel who said that he despises Frankenstein and not Raskreia.

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