Gradeus rues being fooled by Frankenstein; his arm skewered by a dark projectile while Mount whines in agony being impaled in multiple places. Drakon finds it hard to believe that they've all fallen for such a silly trick. Lagus hastens the team to get rid of the Lord and gang after the temporary distraction. As Lagus faces the Lord, Gradeus encounters Frankenstein. Frankenstein sends a wave of his energy. Gradeus dodges it, mocking the attack until he realises that it's meant for his teammates behind. Lagus, however, has shielded his team from the attack. But the moment that Gradeus has taken to check behind, Frankenstein sends another barrage of projectiles at him. As Gradeus dodges those and charges towards his opponent, the projectiles hit Mount again. Frankenstein chuckles mischievously while apologising (in his usual style).

The Lord, Gejutel K. Landegre and Rozaria, who are only spectators now, behold the crazy fighting style of Frankenstein. The Lord is confused how to act and Rozaria is simply awestruck. Gejutel, on the other hand, is excited to see Frankenstein back in action like old times. He explains to Rozaria how Frankenstein is enjoying himself, pointing at Frankenstein who has now burst into laughter.

Gradeus and Frankenstein power up with more trash talk. Frankenstein easily provokes Gradeus, making him charge head-on again. This time, Frankenstein answers with a steady, frontal clash of weapons. The impact even drives back the spectators. Gradeus wonders at the tremendous power of his enemy and realises he was wrong to think that Frankenstein won against Urokai only for the latter's foolishness. The impact of energy soon pushes off both fighters. As blood drips from Gradeus' wounds, Rozaria assumes the berserker, who gets stronger with losing blood, will gain the upper hand. But her assumption is proved wrong with the next attack. Gradeus charges at Frankenstein again, this time, acknowledging his opponent's skill. Nevertheless, he ends up with dark scars all over his body. Rozaria notices that the scars are not healing. Gejutel explains the reason to her - Frankenstein's unique energy is like toxic; it can kill living organisms and Gradeus let himself be hit full-on by the deadly attack. Meanwhile, Gradeus makes a frontal charge again. Frankenstein finds the berserker's style of attacking quite to his liking. He stands his ground and impales Gradeus all over with his dark aura tentacles. Gradeus miserably hits the dust again. He finally notices his wounds and realises that the bruises are not healing and also that he is not getting stronger as he was supposed to. Frankenstein adds insult to the injury.

Lagus realises they cannot let the situation drag on any longer and once again, urges Edian and others to attack. Nevertheless, he finds it interesting how Frankenstein has become so much stronger than before and intends to keep him alive to use him. Frankenstein notices the shrewd smile on Lagus' face and asks him if he has finally decided to join the fight. Gradeus retorts but Lagus affirms it.

Suddenly, Frankenstein's eyes fixate behind the traitors and once again, he exclaims: M-MASTER? This time, Gradeus laughs it off and Mount seconds him. Lagus also believes Frankenstein is pulling off the same trick again. The Lord mutters the name: CADIS ETRAMA DI RAIZEL and also fixes her gaze in the same direction as Frankenstein. At this, Lagus crackles in laughter that even the Lord has followed the trickery of a human. As the traitors and werewolves stand facing Frankenstein and the Nobles, ridiculing them to their heart's content, none of them notice the menacing figure behind them. The NOBLESSE has indeed appeared...

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