Everyone is awestruck as Rai easily overpowers the Werewolves. Raskreia and Gejutel worry over Rai spending the little life force he gained from fusing with the half Ragnarok. Gejutel believes that Rai is blaming himself for the current condition of Lukedonia.

As Rai is about to finish Drakon, Mount reappears and launches a powerful attack to save his teammate. Drakon is saved and Kaiyo appears as she was worried about her fellow Werewolves. Drakon has a flashback from thousands of years ago in which Maduke and other werewolves requested their Lord Muzaka to declare a war on Lukedonia. Muzaka refused by saying that if they angered Lukedonia then their entire race will be wiped out. Back then Drakon thought that Muzaka was a timid Lord. But after witnessing the powers of the Noblesse, Drakon realizes that out of their entire family, only Muzaka knew the true potential of nobles.

The Werewolves are having a hard time due to the sheer power of Rai's aura. Lagus launches his strongest attack once again but fails. He tells the Werewolves to attack Rai together. As the three werewolves attempt another attack on Rai, they are momentarily paralyzed and Rai defeats them.

Lagus takes out the Blood Stone as he realizes that he has no choice but he needs some time to prepare. Lagus shouts at Edian who is in a state of disorientation and hasn't attacked Rai. She launches a haphazard attack on Rai but hesitates at the last moment. Rai calls her by her full name and tells her not to hesitate.

Translation Errors by LINE Webtoons

LINE traslated Edian's full name "Edian Claudia" which is incorrect. Her correct full name is "Edian Drosia".

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