Thousands of years ago the Blood Stone caused a bloody civil war in Lukedonia. Raizel fought with his only kinsman in order to protect humans.

In Rai's flashback, he and his brother had a showdown upon the piles of dead Nobles. His brother lamented that it had come down to fighting his family when all he ever wanted was a world ruled by Nobles. And Nobles who died by Rai merely followed Rai's brother since they shared and supported Rai's brother's vision. Rai retorted that the world which his brother envisioned would be a world devoid of all other lives but Nobles. Rai's brother protested saying that the humans Rai wants to protect are not as innocent as Rai thinks they are. He further states with exasperation that one day, the humans whom Rai wanted to protect so much will bring about the destruction of Nobles and their own world.

Back to the present, Rai is once again facing Blood Stone which is wielded by Lagus Tradio. Lagus gains a great amount of power after fusing with the Blood Stone. He says that Rai can't defeat him in his current state unless he has recovered the same amount of energy he needed to defeat his brother. He easily destroys Rai's Blood Field. Frankenstein wants to step in to save his Master from the burden of facing Lagus alone but he is stopped by Gradeus. The berserker is more powerful than ever thanks to fusing with a shard of a duplicate Blood Stone forged by Lagus.

Raskreia previously heard about the Blood Stone from her father and concludes that even Raizel is likely to have it hard facing its powers in his current weakened state. So, she decides to join the battle and tells Gejutel and Rozaria to take Kei and Ludis and flee from the vicinity. Gejutel understands and convinces Rozaria that it is the best thing to do under such circumstances. However, Lagus launches an attack on them before they could flee. Raskreia blocks it. Lagus is about to attack again but is stopped midway by Rai's attack which he easily overpowers. Lagus counters with an attack on Rai which pushes Rai back and even puts a scratch on his face. The intensity of Lagus's power shocks everyone as he is able to push even the strongest being in existence! Rai changes to his Noble outfit as he gets ready to face Lagus as the Noblesse of Lukedonia.

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