The Tradio Clan nobles are gathered at an ancient site answering the summon of Claudia Tradio (who is actually following the orders of her father, Lagus Tradio).

Meanwhile, Raizel and Lagus Tradio continue their battle. Soon Lagus finds that he isn't able to overpower Rai even with the power of the Blood Stone.

Lagus is being pushed back and Edian sneaks at Rai from behind to help Lagus. Raskreia interferes and blocks her attack. The Werewolves decide to help Edian overpower the noble Lord. Drakon and Kaiyo attacks Raskreia, and in order to distract her Mount launches an energy blast at the injured clan leaders. Thankfully Ludis Mergas and Rozaria are able to block it. Gejutel and Rozaria request Raskreia to stop worrying about them. Gejutel mentions that even Rajak, in his eternal slumber, would want to see their Lord punish the enemies who have invaded Lukedonia. At this, Raskreia unleashes her power without any restraint and overpowers the three werewolves and Edian in a single strike. Then she addresses the Noblesse. She tells Raizel that even though she tried not to get involved knowing how he bears his responsibility as the Noblesse to protect the Nobles, she too would fight as it is her responsibility as the Lord. She tells him to focus on Lagus and she would take care of the other invaders.

Lagus is annoyed now that the Lord's latent powers has awakened thanks to his useless aides. He concludes having no choice but to go all out to win the battle. As he decides to use the Blood Stone to absorb powers, the ancient site's runestones are activated!

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