The ancient site where members of Tradio clan are gathered has been activated and proceeds to suck the life forces out of them. Claudia Tradio, aghast at what the site's runestones are doing to her vassals, hastily smashes the stones (although Claudia followed Lagus' instruction, she was apparently unaware of the true nature of the order she was given). Claudia's action prevents Lagus from absorbing all life forces out of his former servants but he absorbs enough of their essences to become even more powerful.

Lagus then mentions how Raizel's brother wanted Raizel to utilize the Blood Stone and criticizes Raizel for refusing to embrace the awesome power of the artifact. With newfound powers, Lagus begins to outpace Cadis Etrama Di Raizel in speed and even plucks off one of the wings of the Noblesse!

Still, with the realization that he is not getting powers he needs to maintain the momentum due to the destruction of the site (caused by his daughter, which Lagus is unaware), Lagus then changes his strategy and proceeds to absorb the life forces of everyone in the vicinity. The Lord's timely intervention prevents Lagus from devouring Ludis, Rozaria and Gejutel. But werewolves are not so lucky: Mount is the first werewolf victim to be absorbed by Lagus. When Drakon protests, Lagus casually justifies his treachery by stating that although they are allies, they never mutually trusted each other. Lagus then further states that should he succeed in taking over Lukedonia with the power of werewolves he absorbed, it would be considered mission complete for werewolves and that would not be a bad result. Having said that, Lagus targets Kaiyo as his next prey but Drakon pushes her out of the harm's way and ends up taking her stead.

Confident and elated at his newly boosted power at the expense of his own retainers and werewolf acquaintances, Lagus boldly declares to Rai that he will absorb Raizel's power as well!

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