Gradeus is overpowering Frankenstein with the new powers he gained from the forged copy of the Blood Stone. He provokes Frankenstein by confessing that he killed Rajak. Frankenstein laughs and says that he is glad to know the real killer of his friend's son. He then summons the power of contract in the form of a Blood Spear. Frankenstein gains power from his contract of the soul with Raizel; however, he never used this power before as his own dark powers and Rai's power were not compatible with each other. This resulted in him draining his life force and gaining new injuries due to the backlash of losing life force.

Frankenstein easily overpowers Gradeus with his combined powers. He stabs the traitor clan leader using both the Dark Spear and the Blood Spear, and allows the former to consume Gradeus so that he wouldn't have any peace even in his eternal sleep. The Berserker becomes food for Frankenstein's demented lover! The resulting backlash of using his contract powers drains Frankenstein. Weakened, a worried Frankenstein looks towards the location where Rai is battling Lagus.

Drakon and Mount die from having their life essence absorbed. Kaiyo tries to take revenge for her fallen comrades but sadly she is no match for Lagus: He defeats her with a single punch and then absorbs her life essence. The last of the werewolf intruders is dead.

With his new powers Lagus easily pushes Rai into a corner. Lagus is thrilled as he can overpower the strongest being in existence without putting any efforts. He launches the finishing blow on Rai who is in no condition to block it. Rai is shocked beyond belief for he survived the attack but at the cost of Edian's life! Edian sacrifices her life to protect the man she revered the most!

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