The non-Werewolf Elders notices that 2nd Elder is moving in the shadows. They deduce that his troops failed in invasion of Lukedonia and most likely both 2nd Elder and Lukedonia suffered heavy losses which makes the remaining Elders glad. The Union Elders, realizing that Lukedonia is their only hope in keeping the duplicitous 2nd Elder at bay, redirects their effort from taking on Lukedonia to monitoring Maduke. Meanwhile, Maduke is unhappy with the failed outcome of the Lukedonia invasion but he gets an unexpected gift in the form of Ignes Kravei.

In Crombel's hideout, Muzaka and Crombel decide to observe Maduke furthermore. Meanwhile, Yuri enlists Mark's aid in finding Dr. Aris who went AWOL. Yuri and Mark chat about Mark still retaining his guise as the late M-24, and how much a loose cannon Dr. Aris is even after the brainwashing made to obey Crombel.

In Rai's flashback, The Previous Lord had paid Rai a visit. It is revealed that The Previous Lord had been thinking about entering Eternal Sleep for some time although he is worried whether his daughter and the younger successors would be able to go on living in Lukedonia in a fast changing time and environment without losing their dignities as Nobles. The Previous Lord wants Rai to allow himself to be swept in the wave of changes which is spreading throughout the world. The Previous Lord then asks Rai not to enter Eternal Sleep like him, but to continue to go on living and have a mundane life without the burden.

Back to the present, Raizel tries to enjoy the remaining time he has left by living in the way he has always dreamed of, but he is now visibly ill (enough for Shinwoo, Ikhan, Yuna and Suyi to notice that something isn't right with Rai). Everyone is back to their normal lives: Frankenstein laments over piles of memorandums, Karias Blerster is being as flamboyant as ever...

Rael Kertia now works under Frankenstein in his Ye Ran High School as one of security guards, much to the chagrin of the new Kertia Clan leader.


== Chapter 403 marks the end of Season 7.


Translation Errors

LINE mistranslated one of The Previous Lord's dialogue:
"You of all people cannot let yourself get caught up in the changes of this world." 

The correct dialogue:
"Unlike the rest, you should not mind getting swept in the wave of changes in this world." 

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