In Werewolf clan's lab, Ignes reports to Maduke about the death of three werewolves who weren't able to handle the pressure of experiments. She wonders if he is upset but Maduke reassures her as she had his approval.

Maduke further assures Ignes that he will provide her with more subjects since Garda was the only werewolf to withstand the intensity of her experiments. Maduke enquires her about Muzaka as she and 9th Elder experimented on him behind Maduke's back. She informs him in her crazy style that Muzaka was an exceptional test subject and would regenerate quickly no matter how much they mauled him. Maduke takes his leave and he knows that both him and Ignes are using each other. He hopes that Ignes will be able to create someone stronger than Muzaka as she has researched on Muzaka's abilities for centuries.

Back in the city, Gayare and M-21 continue their fight. Kentas notes that M-21 was holding back his power so that Gayare would underestimate him and that he is used to fighting stronger opponents. He mocks Gayare for his inability to kill M-21 quickly and warns that their Lord would be displeased as the Union would find out about him. Gayare transforms in his complete form to wrap up the fight at Juraki's order. The werewolves are bewildered when M-21 reveals his awakened form which is identical to a pure blood. As Gayare lets his guard down, M-21 uses this to his advantage by delivering a few powerful blows and attempts to escape. Kentas is glad and wonders if M-21 guaged that he is no match for Gayare.

Unfortunately, M-21 is stalled by a pair of female werewolves(Urne and Mirai). Gayare bounces back and swears to kill him.

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