Takeo is surprised to find M-21's communication device/GPS tracker as there are no signs of battle nearby. He contacts Tao to inform him but Tao says that is no longer important as KSA informed them that some cameras are not working in an area where a battle is taking place. Takeo goes towards the direction of that battle. 

Frankenstein decides to settle the affairs himself as Regis and Seira are on standby to protect the children, and Rael and Karias are training on the island. Raizel agrees to stay out of the trouble after Frankenstein's request.  

Urne and Mirai mock Gayare for getting thrashed badly by a human. He tells them to shut up and proceeds to attack M-21 in earnest. M-21 easily gets overpowered.  

M-21 falls in the middle of a street filled with humans. As Gayare is about to launch an energy blast, Kentas asks him to stop as he would kill dozens of innocent humans. Gayare ignores his request as human lives are of no importance to their clan but Juraki orders the twins to make a barrier in order to protect the destruction from spreading. 

Gayare launches his energy attack on M-21 which was meant to kill the modified human but much to the shock of everyone M-21 survives.

As Gayare is about to launch his finishing blow, Kentas requests him to spare his life as he owes him as a warrior. Juraki orders Gayare to spare his life; instead, M-21 is to be taken with them. Juraki then asks Kentas why is he acting suspiciously for a human who has werewolf powers.

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