Lunark is still in dilemma and wonders about her next course of action but finds herself under pressure to accept enhancement through human technology or risk the wrath of her Lord.

M-21 and Kentas are confined in a lab for experiments under the supervision of Juraki and Gayare. Kentas learns that weak members of their race as well as transgressors are used for experiments. Kentas expresses his outrage and disbelief that the clan he once loyally served had been sacrificing their own race for the sake of power, and the clan he believed in is reduced to such an orneriness. Juraki and Gayare defends Maduke's use of their kind as experiments by saying that

1. Not everyone in the clan is as genuinely talented as Kentas.

2. Their lord is giving the weak and transgressors the opportunity to make contributions to the progression of the clan.

3. It is necessary sacrifice for the future of their race.

M-21 wakes up from his comatose and gives them a piece of his mind (remembering his own harrowing experience as an experiment specimen for the Union) by comparing them with humans who use others of their kind as they please to satisfy their own greed while using "necessary sacrifice for the future of their race" as an excuse. M-21 chides the werewolves by concluding "No matter how well one attempts to sugarcoat it, a madness is a madness." This does not sit well with Gayare.

Ignes appears and asks Juraki and Gayare to leave and is visibly excited to see two "promising" specimens especially M-21 who is one of a kind even in The Union.

M-21 braces himself for the oncoming pain and ask Kentas to do the same for M-21 knows both are at the mercy of a madwoman.

Meanwhile, Frankenstein contacts Muzaka but the residents of Frankenstein's house are still worried about M-21's safety as they are not sure if Muzaka knows M-21's location.

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