Kentas and M-21 are subjected to all kinds of brutal, torturous experiments conducted by Ignes Kravei. She is delighted by the results her new experiment specimens have yielded, unlike the few she had recently discarded. Kentas is outraged that a noble had just callously killed some of his clan members but Ignes assures him that apart from personal satisfaction, she had the patronage of his clan. She tells him that the experiments had been going on for a while and were more extensive than the ones carried out by the humans. The werewolves had succeeded in creating a chimera, something the humans and nobles could not. Kentas is crestfallen and realizes that his clan is no different than the humans they have scorned. He shares a light moment with M-21, who had regained consciousness after being in a comatose state for three days. M-21 reminisces about his comrades and knows that they must be worried.

Meanwhile, Frankenstein, Raizel and Muzaka finally meet. Frankenstein and Rai keep asking Muzaka for the possible whereabouts of werewolves' hideout. But Muzaka is reluctant to assist them, knowing well what they would do to members of the clan Muzaka once ruled. Then Frankenstein receives contact from Tao who informs him that a 'guest' has arrived in KSA and is seeking Frankenstein.

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