Lunark arrives at the lab but finds her friend missing. She notices M-21 as the guy Frankenstein is searching for... she is initially hesitant to help him as she doesn't want a burden when she has to save Kentas. After some self conflict, she frees M-21. She tries to rouse M-21 but fails as the latter's injuries are more serious than she had thought. She is alarmed by the arrival of Ignes who was expecting her.

Ignes tells Lunark that Kentas isn't here and with a smirk, asks her why is she touching her "stuff".

Elsewhere, Gorma is moaning in pain as the Dark Spear starts consuming him. Krano asks Gorma to remove the spear. Gorma tries but fails badly as the Dark Spear gets wilder. Gorma shouts to Krano that the weapon is behaving as if it's alive. Krano is shocked by this. Frankenstein snidely remarks that it's not so easy liberate yourself from the Dark Spear, and 'she' seems to like Gorma so much.

As the Dark Spear is in the process of devouring him entirely, Gorma shouts for help. Krano tries to help him but the very touch of the dark energy injures him.. No one is able to save him from the Dark Spear.

The others are shocked to see a weapon consuming a werewolf.

Dorant asks Frankenstein about his weapon. Frankenstein sarcastically answers that the weapon is his lover/darling, and adds that she is a bit crazy and possessive.

Krano attacks Frankenstein and their battle continues. Frankenstein is still lacking control over the Dark Spear. Dorant joins the attack much to Krano's surprise. Dorant explains that they have to take care of Muzaka at the earliest as they have lost Gorma and wrapping up this mess is the only way for them to escape their Lord's wrath.

Frankenstein mocks them by saying that he knew they lacked honour even though they pretended otherwise. Then Braang joins the fight as well. Dorant says that he can't believe Frankenstein is a human after witnessing his strength. Frankenstein then asks him whether they are ganging up on him because of his strength.

Soon, Frankenstein is overpowered. Krano tells the other two to finish the fight quickly because it has been humiliating for them. Just as they prepare to deliver a final blow, Krano suffers several slashes while the Braang is hit by a huge arrow. Rael and Karias have come to the rescue! Frankenstein tells them that they are late. Karias replies that they came as soon as they got his message. Frankenstein grins that it's okay as they are here at last. Karias smiles wryly.

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