Dorant identifies the new invaders as clan leaders though he is not sure of their relationship with Frankenstein.

Frankenstein sarcastically tells the Warriors that they should be glad as they wouldn't need to gang up on him.

Dorant is rather unfazed by the arrival of two clan leaders as he believes that he and his companions can obliterate the young clan leaders.

The battle starts with Karias battling Braang, Rael fighting Krano and Frankenstein facing Dorant.

Karias takes advantage of his speed during his fight with Braang. He launches a powerful energy arrow intending for a finishing strike...

Meanwhile, Krano is having an easy time in his fight with Rael. Krano identifies his opponent as the Kertia clan leader though he finds him weak and slow compared to the rumors he has heard. He taunts the young clan leader for being useless but before he can gloat further he gets attacked by the famous invisible attack skill of Kertia clan.

Elsewhere, an exhausted Kentas falls on the ground. Uzhir has easily defeated the exhausted Kentas. Kentas tries to fight again even though he has used up all his energy. Uzhir is bemused and tells him to give up as surely he can't be thinking that he can defeat four of them in his current state.

Kentas replies that he knows he can't win but, as a warrior, he has to fight till his last breath in order to avenge the weaker werewolves who lost their lives to the greed of their deceitful Lord and his followers.

The timid blue-haired Werewolf is annoyed by Kentas' words so he tells Uzhir to finish his opponent, otherwise he would in his stead.

Before the Warriors can finish Kentas though, a mysterious voice asks them if their guilty conscience is hurt by the honest words of Kentas.

The four werewolves are shocked as the voice belongs to their previous Lord! Muzaka and Raizel have finally arrived!

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