Raskreia and Kei Ru join Cadis Etrama Di Raizel. The Nobles's Lord asks what Zaiga is doing there. The two young warriors, a male and a female disrespect the Lord. Zaiga introduce the Lord and the Noblesse to both of them. He also identifies the person who destroyed the werewolf castle as the leader of the Elenor Clan and orders Gaura to kill Rozaria as painfully as possible. Gaura takes her leave to execute the order.

Zaiga chides Raskreia for destroying castle and says that with this act she has brought the extinction of the nobles. Zaiga transforms and is visibly excited as he believes that he would be killing the Lord of nobles by his own hands. He launches a powerful energy beam induced by runes on Raskreia but Kei blocks it. Kei presents himself as Zaiga's opponent.

Zaiga realises that he is facing the Ru clan leader since the Lord would not select just any random noble to accompany her. The battle commences and the two combatants match each other. The young werewolf who witnesses the fight is impressed by Kei but believes that he is not strong enough because Zaiga, along with Maduke and Muzaka, was once a contender for Lordship of werewolves.

Elsewhere, Kentas is flabbergasted to learn that Muzaka used to believe that he would have lost his title not to Maduke or Zaiga... but to Dorant. Muzaka explains that during his reign, he was confident that he could not have lost the throne to Zaiga or Maduke but realises now, that it was wrong of him to think so. He reveals that among the younger generation of werewolves, Dorant was a prodigy who displayed the abilities to surpass them all in due time and ascend to the throne when he could no longer defend it. Muzaka pensively summarises that he can imagine how strong Dorant must have grown after accepting the new power.

The scene shifts to the battle between Frankenstein and Dorant. Frankenstein struggles to parry Dorant's attacks. The werewolf warrior tells him that he is disappointed since he had hoped Frankenstein would make him bring out more power. He launches a pair of powerful energy spheres that knocks out Frankenstein. Karias and Rael reach the spot and cannot believe the sight before them.

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