In a flashback, Muzaka and Dorant stroll by the beach. Muzaka commends Dorant for being exceptional among his peers but counsels him to not be hasty about developing his powers. Muzaka explains that their race has always acknowledged and admired the strong; Traditionally, they would celebrate the arrival of a prodigy, but slowly, they have changed and not everyone in their clan would welcome it. He cautions Dorant against warriors who will be threatened by the prospect that he will surpass them in time and jealousy may drive them to harm him. Dorant humbly replies that as a warrior he should stand up to such acts, but Muzaka laughs and advises him to be discreet about his abilities. Muzaka further shares his desire: One day, he wants Dorant to succeed him as the Lord.

The scene shifts to the present. Dorant had followed Muzaka's advice and never revealed the extent of his abilities to others. Dorant reflects that he never thought Muzaka would betray their kind and vows to punish him with his own hands.

Rael and Karias struggle to believe that Frankenstein lost to Dorant. Karias deduces that Dorant is different from the werewolves they have fought recently. He tells Rael to run away in order to protect him. However, Dorant attacks Rael, knowing well that this way he can engage Karias as well. The nobles find themselves at disadvantage.

Elsewhere, Rai, who is on his way to rescue M-21, suddenly stops in mid-air and turns back as he senses the crisis of his loyal servant.

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