Karias blames himself for the current situation. He tells Rael to take the boss with him and leave the area. Karias remembers a conversation he had with Rajak before leaving for Frankenstein's residence. Rajak had then, requested him to take care of Rael since apart from himself, he was the only one to contain Rael's difficult personality.

Karias realizes that he will not able to face Rajak if Rael is killed and repeats his instructions. However, Rael suggests that the senior clan leader should be the one to escape because of the injured state he is in. Karias rebukes him but he dashes forward, saying that running away would be against the Kertia clan's ideals. Dorant is amused that Rael did not pay heed to Karias' advice and finds Rael's zeal to his liking. Their duel resumes. Rael is able to land a few hits but Dorant's regeneration ability makes all his effort go to waste. Dorant compliments him and carries out counterattacks which Rael struggles to avoid.

An exhausted Rael wonders how they are supposed to defeat a monster like Dorant who has superior speed and strength, along with an unbelievable regeneration ability. Karias takes advantage of the battle between Rael and Dorant to recover and launch a shower of arrows.

As the smoke clears, Rael gains his confidence back when he sees that Dorant has lost his upper limbs to the attack. He thinks that such a major injury will incapacitate the werewolf but Dorant regenerates his lost limbs in no time. Dorant admits that it was foolhardy of his kind to dismiss the power of the nobles and the last attack was dangerous even for him.

Once again, Karias tells Rael to leave. In turn, Rael proposes that Karias should retreat instead, leaving the latter exasperated. To add to his woes, Dorant gathers a vast amount of energy.

As Dorant and the nobles prepare to clash, they feel a dark ominous aura corroding the ground. At it's source, Frankenstein, who is on the verge of being consumed by the Dark Spear, exerts himself to get back to his feet. He complains that his infernal weapon tries to devour him each time an opportunity presents itself and that the enemies keep getting stronger. A sadistic smile spreads across his face.

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