Dorant is surprised to see Frankenstein displaying stronger power than before. He finds it hard to believe that a human has achieved such strength. The fight continues with both Karias and Rael being shocked by the fight between two "crazy" people.

Karias wonders if they should help Frankenstein in killing Dorant but Rael says that 'the boss' might go berserk on them if they interfere. They get chills when they see the sadistic grin on Frankenstein's face and decide to not interfere.

The Dark Spear has gotten stronger after absorbing Gradeus in Lukedonia and thus increasing the power of Frankenstein dramatically. Frankenstein acknowledges that the only downfall of this increase in strength is that it has gotten harder to control the cursed weapon. Dorant is shocked by Frankenstein's style of fighting (ignoring his injuries and focusing on offense without caring about defense). To his surprise he finds that he's scared of Frankenstein.

Frankenstein taunts him for being scared and wonders if he regrets his decision to fight. It is revealed here that Dorant, much like Drakun, relies heavily on his super-regeneration, something that is almost completely negated by Dark Spear's power. An incensed Dorant goes all out. Frankenstein declares it's time to finish things and they launch their final attack with Frankenstein summoning the Blood Spear. Dorant is surprised that his opponent, a human, was holding back against him, not releasing the blood spear earlier. The two massive vortexes of blood and dark energy released by Frankenstein destroy the surroundings, knocking out Dorant and leaving dark marks over his body.

Before Frankenstein can launch the finishing strike, Muzaka intervenes and tells an exhausted Frankenstein to wait.