The chapter opens with Maduke seething over the destruction of his castle. He realizes that the skill did not belong to Muzaka but to the nobles. Urne and Mirai rush to their Lord's aid and are ordered to capture the culprit. Suddenly, the clouds clear to reveal a colossal eye: Rozaria summons Divine Judgement a second time, hoping her enemies will continue giving her the time to gather her strength. The attack leaves her exhausted, and she wonders if she exerted herself more than she should have. She takes a moment to remember Rajak. Gaura locates Rozaria, and after accusing her of hiding in a corner like a rat, launches an attack. Rozaria effectively defends herself and jests that she grew tired of waiting. She provokes Gaura further by asking whether she saw the castle getting destroyed.

Meanwhile, at the site where Muzaka and Frankenstein are in a stand-off, Kentas is shocked that Muzaka's supposed successor was defeated at hands of a human. Muzaka apologizes for interfering again and asks him to spare the fallen werewolf since he had watched over him for a long time. However, Frankenstein refuses to budge. Muzaka praises Frankenstein, and reiterates his desire to fight him, a prospect welcomed by Frankenstein. They release their auras as a prelude to a fight. Fortunately, Muzaka withdraws citing Frankenstein's condition and for the want of a better situation. Once again, he asks Frankenstein to let Dorant go. Frankenstein reluctantly agrees, but not before landing a blow on Muzaka to "relieve stress". Rael and Karias are dumbfounded by Frankenstein's conduct towards the werewolf Lord. Muzaka notes that the energy from Dark Spear interrupts his regeneration ability and spreads like poison. He finds it disconcerting because werewolves primarily rely their regeneration ability during combat and ignore the injuries they sustain. He inquires whether that is how he took out Dorant, and Frankenstein comments that this effect is far worse for those who have under gone modifications, like Dorant.

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