The battle between Kei Ru and Zaiga rages on as the latter's subordinate and Raskreia spectate. Zaiga is thrilled to meet an opponent who is compelling him to fight without restraint and acknowledges Kei Ru's strength, but he declares that the result the battle was obvious from the start. He boasts that he has the advantage of having lived longer and struggling would be of no use since the nobles were never a match for their kind. As Kei starts getting pushed back, Zaiga reveals his intentions to crush him, and then, bring the noble Lord to her knees. Incensed, Kei hits back and tells him that their fight is not done. Zaiga is surprised by the strength gained by Kei in such a short span. Zaiga wonders if any warrior in their clan could match Kei Ru and decides to kill him then and there, at all cost, as there was no telling how strong the Ru clan leader would become in the future.

The werewolf crew member who had been nervously watching Kei Ru realizes Zaiga is about to conclude his fight and contemplates getting rid of Raskreia as it would improve his standing in the clan. With a lack of judgment, he tries to attack Raskreia hoping to catch her unawares. Raskeria stalls him by merely glancing at him, and draws out her soul weapon, scaring the hapless werewolf for his life. She swings the Ragnarok at him, causing an enormous discharge of energy that severs off his arm and looks down at him in disdain.

Zaiga is annoyed at his crew member's recklessness as the nobles were stronger than they had estimated, and now, they no longer have the means to keep Raskreia in check. Zaiga plans to go all out and kill Kei, and then take care of Raskreia.

Kei Ru and Zaiga employ their ultimate skills. The clash takes a toll on both the combatants. However, Zaiga states that his wounds will soon regenerate, and he praises Kei Ru again; he admits that Kei would have surpassed him in time. He adds that he had once challenged Muzaka for the throne. A voice affirms his contention: Muzaka walks in from behind, and regrets that lately, he has been inadvertently arriving after the fight is over. He corrects himself with a smirk that considering Zaiga's condition, perhaps, he arrived at the right time. Zaiga finds himself in a perilous situation.

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