Gaura battles with Rozaria, who is seemingly at a disadvantage due to her earlier usage of power. After her apparent defeat, Gaura gets cocky and announces that she would make Rozaria suffer for arrogantly destroying her Lord's castle.

To her surprise, however, Rozaria has secretly cast a spell on Gaura which makes her unable to move. Gaura continues to speak with malicious intent but Rozaria says that it's too late... The Divine Judgement is cast on Gaura and kills her for good. Rozaria bids her farewell.

Meanwhile, Ignes is surprised to see that Rai really came. She trembles and thinks that Rai came to the werewolves' land for her. She asks him if he came to punish the werewolves for the recent Lukedonia invasion. Upon seeing Rai's lack of response, she believes that he has come for her.

Rai then calls her by her full name. He asks her about M-21. Ignes is shocked to realize that he came to werewolves' lair just to save a human.

She goes crazy and tells him that if he had shown this much concern for her father then he wouldn't have died. Rai retorts that Roctis abandoned everything for her. Ignes says that she never asked for him to sacrifice. She further blames Rai for only caring about humans. She adds that Rai didn't even show even just little concern for her father who loyally followed him for so long. Ignes further blames Rai for everything and presents Rai with a gift: The Titan. The Titan is a specimen that was created after fusing multiple werewolves. This monstrous strength makes him much harder to control.

Ignes presents the Titan to Rai in order to give him the most pleasant gift: Eternal Sleep.

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