Maduke is pleasantly surprised by the outcome of battle and is more shocked at Muzaka's idiotic behavior. Juraki along with Mirai arrives and informs him about the arrival of nobles and their Lord, to which Maduke seems surprised.

Team Rai along with Raskreia and the clan leaders (minus Rozaria) arrive at the scene. They are surprised to see Muzaka defeated.

Maduke cynically greets Raskreia and the Noblesse. He also thinks that the Noblesse isn't something he needs to fear unlike past. Maduke says it's a pity that Raizel's friend (Muzaka) is in such a state. Rai asks if Maduke is responsible to which the latter feigns ignorance and mockingly blames Garda.

The attention of everyone is suddenly diverted towards Muzaka who is regaining his consciousness back. Maduke (surprised momentarily to see Muzaka is back on his feet) orders Garda to kill him but Muzaka easily stops her attack. He starts overpowering her. Maduke is surprised about the display of power and is shocked to see Muzaka recover from his injuries (his regeneration should have been blocked by Garda's power), albeit slowly.

Maduke is still pleased as Garda being killed by Muzaka would ruin Muzaka psychologically. Frankenstein informs his master that Muzaka has gone berserk similar to when he awakened in Roctis' Island. A worried Rai is seen in last panel.

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