Maduke continues to enjoy the clash between Muzaka and Garda.

It is revealed that Raizel and Frankenstein are acquainted with Garda: in a flashback, Muzaka introduces Garda to Rai and Frankenstein. Garda greets him respectfully. Muzaka praises Garda by stating that he would have retired from Lordship if it wasn't for Garda. She blushes and nervously denies his contention.

Frankenstein recollects another encounter with Garda: she visits Rai's mansion in search of her Lord. Frankenstein answers the door and greets her cordially. He informs her that it has been over a year since Muzaka visited them. Garda turns away crestfallen. Frankenstein remarks that she seems to have a lot of hardship as Muzaka frequently goes on long tours. Garda is reticent and takes her leave. However, she stops and considers paying her respects to Rai.

Back in present, Frankenstein finds it disconcerting that Muzaka and Garda are fighting each other to death.

Muzaka overwhelms Garda, in spite of her superior regeneration ability. Rai decides to stop Muzaka from killing his only follower. Raskreia offers to stop Muzaka but Rai refuses as he feels that he is partially responsible for Muzaka's condition. Rai steps in to calm Muzaka, however, Muzaka screams in agony after seeing Rai as memories of his daughter flood in. Muzaka charges at Rai and an explosion follows... .

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