Lunark knows that Mirai will not last for long against Geo in her current state. She worries as Mirai starts getting pushed back, but focuses on recuperating as much as she can. Geo senses that Lunark is gathering energy and rushes to attack her. However, Mirai holds Geo back even though she is brutalized. Geo stabs Mirai in the chest and tries to go back to Lunark, but Mirai holds on to her leg. Lunark uses the phantom wolf attack to target Geo's bloodstone . She is unsure of the results till the Bloodstone crumbles and Geo stumbles lifelessly. She worries for Mirai who has collapsed and knows that Mirai will not survive since she was in poor state from the start. Lunark falls on her knees as Mirai explains that she died the day she realized that they had sacrificed their kinsmen for their Lord's greed and feels that she does not deserve a death like this. Lunark tells her that as of now she is a true warrior, and so are Bashum and Gotaru. Having learned that Bashum and Gotaru did not make it either, she laments that they did not get the chance to take responsibility for their crimes. She admits to Lunark that she had always envied her and Kentas for their willingness to die for their clan. Mirai dies after asking Lunark to take care of the clan and expressing faith in her.

Frankenstein throws the Dark Spear at Haydn to stall his recovery. The 3rd Elder is shocked to see Haydn in excruciating pain since his nervous system was numbed through experimentation in such a way that he could not feel pain. The 1st Elder takes out his sword and cuts off Haydn's arm to dislodge the Dark Spear. He notes that the Dark Spear still tries to devour those around it, including its owner. Frankenstein grins.