Frankenstein is shown on his knees while the 1st Elder commends him for developing his power on his own and asks him to join the Union. Frankenstein reminds him that they believed he betrayed the Union. The 1st Elder tells him that he is not concerned with the past and with him among their ranks, humans would rule the world. The 3rd Elder who is watching thinks of the other Elders who were in fact not loyal to the Union but benefited it. Frankenstein rebuffs the offer and reminds the 1st Elder that humans are the cruelest race and have always oppressed one another. The 1st Elder finds his decision foolish and resumes the battle. Frankenstein allows the Dark Spear to absorb him further but is unable to deliver any damage. The 1st Elder notices that the Dark Spear becomes wilder as Frankenstein's injuries worsen and it is attempting to devour its owner. He writes off the Dark Spear as a redundant weapon and tells Frankenstein that he will go after the others including the Noblesse once he is done with him. A flash of anger spreads across Frankenstein's face and he fights back. However, the 1st Elder outmatches him. Frankenstein throws the Dark Spear at the 1st Elder who dodges it. The latter is unimpressed by the attack, till he realizes that it was intended for Haydn. The 1st and 3rd Elder panic as the Dark Spear devours Haydn. Frankenstein explains that his lover was irritated after she was denied the 1st Elder and went for his subordinate instead. Frankenstein jokes that he could not refuse his lover. The 1st Elder senses an increase in Frankenstein's power. Frankenstein sets his eyes on the 1st Elder.