Lunark informs Frankenstein and the others about the targeted locations of the missiles. The RK are worried, since they're too far away to help.

Frankenstein is horrified that one of the missiles is targeting his home city, and that means his Master is in danger. There are two missiles, one targets Frankenstein's home, while the other targets an unnamed location.

Raskreia, Rozaria and Kei are on standby at the unnamed location. Raskreia is informed about the second missiles targeted location. She sighs, with a smile knowing Rai will stop the missile.

The werewolves are contacted by Muzaka. They know of the situation and offer to help. Muzaka declines their offer and tells them their race is in decline and they have to do their best to survive. He thanks Garda for her guidance and asks her to lend her power and wisdom to their clan, before adding it is not an order.

Rai tells Muzaka that he doesn't have to sacrifice himself. Muzaka reminds him that Rai can't handle the nuclear missile on his own, not to mention, he's not going to stand by and watch humans get killed. Rai contacts Tao and tells him to pass a message on to the others for him. He wants them to live their life. Tao is in despair. Rai also wants Tao to give Frankenstein the message, he's sorry.

Muzaka and Rai look over their life. A life which they enjoyed. The missiles are now close to their targeted locations. Rai and Muzaka take on one missile while Raskreia, Rozaria and Kei take on the other.

Humans all over the city see sparkling orbs of red light, the sign of a Nobles death. Garda falls to the floor in sorrow, realising Muzaka is gone. Frankenstein feels the death of his Master. While, in Lukedonia, the remaining clan leaders kneel to an empty throne.

The orbs of light pass by Rai's favourite locations, the school, the street and finally his home. Concluding Noblesse.

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