Shinwoo and Ik-Han are running late. They meet Yuna and Suyi. Ik-Han yells at Shinwoo for not getting up sooner. Shinwoo tells him, it's not late. Ik-Han retaliates by kicking Shinwoo in the rear. Yuna and Suyi find it funny. Mr. Park is waiting for them at the front gate and tells the students to hurry up, since they're running late. The children run inside.

Seira, Regis and Rael are standing on the roof of Ye Ran High School. They decide to return to class. Takeo and M-21 are discussing the announcement of a new school President. The president is Tao. M-21 and Takeo notice how quiet it is without him around and think it might be fun to run the school.

The children look at Rai's empty seat and wonder who used to sit there, they believe it's always been empty, but they have a strange feeling. Shinwoo tells the others that Frankenstein told him to leave the seat empty. Suyi says it's strange, but she can't remember the seat being empty for such a long time. The day continues as normal. As the children are taking notes, they notice someone sitting in the empty seat. It's Rai. The children are shocked to see Rai and remember all the times they shared with him. Rai smiles at them, they begin crying and rush over to hug Rai.

In the werewolves' homeland Muzaka is being driven crazy by the responsibilities of being the werewolf lord again, since they were doing well without him. Kentas, Garda, Juraki and Dorant find it amusing. Muzaka asks if one of them wants to be the Lord, and after receiving no answer, asks if they're even listening to him as Garda tries to suppress her laughter.

In Lukedonia, Gejutel, Karias, Kei, Rozaria, Claudia and Ludis are waiting to great their Lord. As Raskreia enters and sits on the throne, Karias calls her sister, telling her he's glad to see her healthy. Rozaria reprimands him, and the two begin to argue, much to the amusement of the other Nobles.

Frankenstein is in a secret location with 3rd Elder. Frankenstein asks for all the data collected from the Union. Frankenstein states he intends to find out what happened to his Master.

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