Claudia Tradio (Kor. 클라우디아 트라디오) is the daughter of Lagus Tradio and a member of the Tradio Clan. After her father's death, she becomes the new clan leader.


Claudia has purple hair which she keeps in two sections on either side of her head that go down to the mid of her back. She has two thick golden hoops on each of the sections and the hair between the hoops is braided. There is also one strand of hair that goes down in front of her face.

She has pale skin and the typical red eyes of a noble. Her clothes are the traditional black noble outfit.


Although loyal to her father, she is shown to be very uncomfortable witnessing Lagus' cruel abuse of Gejutel K. Landegre, who is Claudia's caretaker and benefactor. Ultimately she chooses the Tradio clan and Lukedonia over her father's self-destructive ambition, showing that her loyalty isn't blind and that she is capable of making her own decisions.

She appears to be confident and caring of her clan, as seen when she thought an intruder was causing trouble in the Tradio manor[1]. However, she is much more timid in front of the Lord due to believing herself to be a traitor deserving of punishment and cries when pardoned.


Claudia is the daughter of Lagus Tradio. She took charge of the clan when he left after betraying the Noblesse and the previous Lord.

Plot Overview

Claudia first appears when Lagus returns to Lukedonia and visits the Tradio Clan's mansion causing her to attack him as she thinks that he is an intruder. When she realises that it's her father, she pays her respects[2].
Then she and Lagus visit Gejutel's mansion where the latter attacks Gejutel[3]. Staying silent, she appears uncomfortable as the two talk. It is also revealed that she and her clan could continue on due to Gejutel's support[4]. She continues to follow him quietly as he forces Gejutel to follow and interferes in the fight between Gradeus and Ludis. As more people are hurt, and when Gejutel is further injured, she becomes more and more shocked though she still stands by doing nothing[5].
In the Tradio territory, all the clan members gather around the trio of rune stones under the impression that Claudia ordered them to when in reality it was due to Lagus[6]. Claudia is horrified to learn that her father plans to use them as sacrifices and rushes to there to see her clan collapsed on the ground. She saves them by destroying the rune stones which are acting as a medium to absorb their life essence[7].
Later, when the fight is over and they are all in the throne room, Claudia begs the Lord to punish her for her role in the invasion but pardon her clan members who were innocent. Gejutel defends her, saying that she too was manipulated by Lagus and that she prevented her clan from being killed. This causes her to have a flashback to when Lagus betrayed Lukedonia and her clan members were demanding answers from her as Gejutel had defended her then too. To her shock, Raskreia appoints her as the new leader of Tradio clan, driving her to tears[8].

When Crombel fires missiles towards Lukedonia as a warning for them not to interfere, Claudia is in the throne room. She's silent when the others speak[9]. She's shown with the others once again after Crombel blames the Union's doings on the nobles and werewolves[10]. Then another time when Gejutel reports on the human reporters that came seeking Lukedonia whom the Central Order saved[11].
When Raskreia announces that she will go stop one of the missiles, Claudia is one of the clan leaders ordered to stay behind[12]. She is last shown smiling in the throne room as Karias and Rozaria argue[13].

Spin-offs & Other Media

Claudia Tradio does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Claudia Tradio does not feature in Noblesse S.

Claudia Tradio does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Claudia Tradio does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

Summary coming soon.


  • Clan Leaders: As she becomes one, she works with them. Furthermore, Ludis and Rozaria are relieved when she's pardoned so they may be close though no details are known.
  • Erga Kenesis Di Raskreia: Claudia respects her.
  • Gejutel K. Landegre: Gejutel helped to keep her clan in favour after Lagus' betrayal and helped her too. He also defends her after Lagus' death. She obviously cares for him and is distressed when he is harmed.
  • Lagus Tradio: She listens to her father and does as he says but he does tell her his plans. However, he does not try to sacrifice her like he does others. She betrays him to save her clan. It is unknown if they had a loving father-daughter relationship.

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Powers & Abilities

As a pure-blood adult noble, she is extremely powerful. After Lagus Tradio's death she inherits Dolor, the soul weapon of the Tradio clan awakening her powers as a clan leader. It can be assumed that she has all typical noble abilities.

Aura Manipulation

Her aura is red and she's capable of shooting it from her hands like a projectile. When doing so it zigzags in the air instead of going straight.



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