Dorant (Kor. 도란트) is a werewolf warrior working under Maduke. Muzaka believed that Dorant has enough natural talent to succeed him as the Lord of the werewolves in future.


Dorant is a youthful looking werewolf with golden yellow hair and eyes. He develops muscles, and fur along his arms and abs when he undergoes his transformation. Upon secondary transformation, his eyebrows become longer with a horn-like curve.


Dorant has a calm disposition and tends to act rationally, even after the deaths of his other companions he didn't seem fazed in the least.

Dorant seems to care only about being strong. He usually spends his time alone training, which makes him unaware of a lot of things that happened with his clan such as Garda being used for experimentation instead of being executed like he thought.

While believing in Maduke lies about him. He seems to bear no ill will towards Muzaka instead only wondering why his former lord is now fighting against his former clan.


Dorant was the most talented werewolf in the younger generation of werewolves during Muzaka's reign as Lord. Muzaka believed that only Dorant has the talent to surpass him and take the throne from him in late future.

Muzaka cautioned him to be discreet with his abilities as talent brings envy. Dorant followed Muzaka's advice and didn't reveal the true extent of his abilities to the others of his race. Dorant also accepted physical modification long after earning the title of Warrior by his own efforts and skills.

Plot Overview

Volume 8

Dorant is present when Maduke summons all the warriors together and declares Kentas a traitor to him and their entire clan.
The werewolves are gathered in the throne room. Dorant reports to Maduke that Lunark has disappeared, just as he expected, and offers to bring her back. Maduke informs him that there is no need for that, and that she'll return on her own, along with Muzaka. He tells the warriors they tried to find Muzaka, but were unable to, so they'll make him come to them. He dismisses the werewolves and tells them to prepare for Muzaka's arrival.
Dorant, Gorma, Krano and Braang are on their way to intercept Muzaka. The sense a dark energy heading their way and move to avoid it. Frankenstein emerges from the shadows, looking rather pleased with himself. Braang wonders who he is, while Krano mentions that he's certainly not Muzaka. Frankenstein releases his aura and states they all look busy, so he'll ask them one thing, where's his guy.
The group of werewolves presume that Frankenstein is a human, and ask if he's from the Union. Gorma wonders if the Union is openly infiltrating their land now, while Krano wonders how a human could make it to their territory. Braang groans after relaxing their guard to trap Muzaka and Lunark, it seems like anyone can enter their territory. Dorant states he can't believe they're wasting their time on this and asks Gorma to deal with the human, while he and the others go after Lunark and Muzaka. Gorma protests that he's being asked to face a human at a crucial moment, when they need to be focussing on Lunark and Muzaka. Dorant tells him that he can deal with the human quickly and catch up with them, adding he doesn't know why Gorma's protesting so much, since it won't take long for him to deal with the intruder. Gorma agrees. Frankenstein smirks they have some nerve talking like that in front of him and that he has no intention of letting any of them leave. With that Frankenstein unleashes his powers and the werewolves move to avoid the blasts. Krano wonders who he is, while Dorant is certain that the Union didn't have such agents at their disposal. The werewolves grow increasingly flustered by Frankenstein's attacks, prompting Frankenstein to belittle them asking why they're so flustered and if it's their first time dealing with someone like him. Krano catches a bolt of dark energy and crushes it. Dorant announces that he finally knows who he is and reveals him to be Frankenstein, the most powerful human, whose strength is comparable to the Noble Clan Leaders and the werewolf warriors.
Frankenstein stands face to face with 4 werewolves. Dorant says that he heard about him from Lunark, but didn't expect him to show up in their territory. He asks Frankenstein why he's on their land. Before Frankenstein can answer, Gorma steps forward, stating that if the human standing before them is indeed Frankenstein, then he wouldn't mind facing him for a moment. He goes on excitedly about Frankenstein's reputation, adding that he used to be the strongest among the humans, and that he may be strong when it comes to weak, pathetic humans, but that's all. Frankenstein asks him who he is, and he arrogantly introduces himself as “Gorma”. Frankenstein repeats his name is shock. Gorma grins and enquires if Frankenstein has heard of him. Frankenstein retorts that he's never heard his name before. Gorma is confused and asks why he reacted in shock when he introduced himself. Frankenstein says he doesn't have a reason and states that Gorma knows the name of a “pathetic” human like him, and that he must not be as impressive as he thinks seeing as he's never heard of him. Frankenstein turns to the other warriors and asks if there's anyone else who can face him, instead of this “unimpressive” guy. The warriors are left bemused and speechless by Frankenstein's words. Gorma gets angry and transforms. Frankenstein summons the Dark Spear telling Gorma that only a loser like him would get upset so quickly. Dorant notices that Frankenstein uses a unique energy, as he's heard. Frankenstein realises that he won't be able to control the Dark Spear, for very long, since he used up a lot of power in the recent fight and he hasn't had a chance to tame the spear. The battle begins and Frankenstein gets pushed back. Gorma attacks wildly while shouting that Frankenstein's power is only great among humans. Braang remarks dealing with Frankenstein was easy and that he's not like what Lunark made him out to be. Krano adds that he may be strong, but that only applies to humans and that Lunark must've been making up excuses because of her failure. Watching the battle continue Krano says that Gorma seems excited. Dorant tells them they don't need to see anymore and that they should go after Muzaka. Gorma turns around and tells them to wait for him, since he'll be done in a few seconds. Frankenstein senses an opportunity and while grinning, severs Gorma's arm, shocking the other werewolves. Frankenstein continues unleashing blow after blow and Gorma is pushed back in no time. Gorma wonders why he's feeling so much pain from the wound. Frankenstein mockingly questions if the other warriors haven't left yet and aren't they busy. Frankenstein unleashes his murderous aura and tells them they'd better get going if they're busy.
Krano is surprised by the sudden change of events and wonders what happened. Dorant tells them that Frankenstein was hiding his power from the beginning. Frankenstein explains that the best thing about facing nobles or werewolves is that they always underestimate him because he's human. They come at him slowly, not even thinking about using their full strength, like an adult facing a powerless child. He continues that he can understand their attitude, since the nobles were the only ones capable of facing them for a long time, and that the gap in power between them and the humans, was so great, it was beyond comparison, however, thanks to that tendency, he has no intention of losing to them one-on-one. Gorma groans in pain. Frankenstein mockingly announces that by the time his opponent's realise something is wrong, while fighting him, it's already too late and his enemies end up dead, and now he wonders how they're fairing in the underworld. Frankenstein turns to the werewolf warriors stating that he got sidetracked by all that talking, and asks them if they're okay just standing there, and that he thought they were busy. He adds they'd better get going if they're busy, since he won't be able to stop them all, and that as soon as he's finished off Gorma, he'll catch up to them. Gorma yells at him to shut up, stating he hasn't lost to him yet. Frankenstein quips that nobody said he had. Gorma gets angry, as Frankenstein starts to smile. Dorant stops Gorma before he can attack again. Gorma asks why he's stopping him. Dorant orders Krano to help Gorma and face Frankenstein together with him. Krano is shocked, whereas Gorma rejects the idea shouting he only lost his arm because he let his guard down. Frankenstein agrees with Gorma sarcastically commenting that if someone else had to get involved, what would become of Gorma's pride, and since they're companions, they should believe in one another. Gorma shouts for Frankenstein to shut up, and thinks that he can't believe he's having to endure such humiliation, just because he let his guard down for a second. Krano tells Dorant, he's not comfortable with the situation and asks why he and Gorma should face a single human together, and that he'll deal with Frankenstein alone. Gorma yells at Krano to shut his mouth and whether he's looking down on him. Frankenstein remarks to Gorma that it doesn't look like his companions trust him and he doesn't blame them, since he wouldn't trust him either looking at the state he's in. Gorma finally snaps and attacks Frankenstein telling him that he'll shut him up. Dorant tries to stop him, but Gorma doesn't listen and instead attacks Frankenstein saying he can finish him off on his own. Frankenstein blocks the attacks, and Gorma gets distracted due to the pain of his injury. Frankenstein uses this to his advantage by releasing an energy blast and pushing him back. Frankenstein realises that although he's more powerful, Dark Spear has become harder to control and that he needs to end this quickly. Just as Frankenstein is about to deal the finishing blow to Gorma, he's pushed back by an attack from Krano. Gorma is startled at Krano's interference, however, Krano tells Gorma that this isn't a time for either of them to be acting stubborn and that he'll face Frankenstein, while he stays back and regenerates his body. Gorma is angry. Frankenstein taunts them for interfering when their companion is at a disadvantage, against a human, that they look down on. He questions if they're embarrassed. Krano states he's not embarrassed since they're up against him. Frankenstein says he'll take that as a compliment. Krano transforms and says that now he knows how Frankenstein operates, he won't let his guard down like Gorma. The fight begins and Gorma is surprised to see the power Frankenstein was hiding. Gorma grimaces from the pain and wonders why his regeneration is slower than usual. Dorant is also shocked to see Frankenstein's power, and wonders what they should do, since if things continue to drag out like this, they'll lose Muzaka to the other crew. He believes that Krano will definitely be able to defeat Frankenstein, since he saw how Gorma was defeated and there's no way Krano will make the same mistake, he thinks to himself that something seems to be bothering him. Gorma watches the fight and thinks that one decent attack should be enough to finish off Frankenstein, and that he's going to finish him off with his own hands. Frankenstein is distracted with trying to avoid Krano's attacks, so Gorma thinks that now is the perfect opportunity and decides to attack. He comes up behind Frankenstein and launches a powerful attack. Frankenstein welcomes him back, as Gorma's attack misses and hits the ground. Frankenstein tells him that he's been waiting for him and stabs him with the Dark Spear. Frankenstein announces that as long as they're alive, they always recover and end up bothering him. Gorma realises that Frankenstein set everything up to lure him into attacking and tries to pull the Dark Spear out. Frankenstein looks over at the other warriors and mockingly asks if they're still here and aren't they busy.
Gorma is groaning in pain as the Dark Spear starts to consume him. Krano tells Gorma to remove the spear quickly. Gorma tries to remove the weapon but fails as the Dark Spear grows more savage. Gorma shouts to Krano that the weapon seems to be alive. Krano is shocked by this. Frankenstein snidely remarks that it's not so easy liberate yourself from the Dark Spear, since it's very obsessive, he adds that he's not sure if it'll be of any comfort but it says that she likes him. The Dark Spear begins devouring Gorma, as he shouts for help from Krano. Krano desperately tries to help him but the moment he touches the dark energy, it injures him. No one is able to save Gorma from the Dark Spear, and the werewolves are unable to do anything but watch in disbelief as the weapon absorbs Gorma. Krano is shocked as he realises Gorma has disappeared. Frankenstein quips that he told them Dark Spear really like their companion. Krano asks if the weapon absorbed Gorma. Frankenstein confirms this as Dorant asks Frankenstein about his weapon. Frankenstein sarcastically answers that the weapon is his lover, and adds she's out of her mind and very possessive. Krano gets angry and attacks Frankenstein. Frankenstein and Krano both sustain minor injuries. Frankenstein realises that the Dark Spear has gotten harder to control, and now it's absorbed even more power. Dorant joins the battle much to Krano's surprise. Dorant explains that with Gorma gone, they can't afford to drag this out any longer, and that they have to finish Frankenstein off as quickly as possible and catch Muzaka. Dorant adds that he doesn't like the situation either, but it's the only way to avoid the Lord's punishment. Frankenstein mocks them saying he knew they lacked honour, even though they pretended otherwise. At this point, Braang joins the fight. The three of them attack Frankenstein together. Dorant comments that Frankenstein is so strong, it makes him wonder if he's truly human. Frankenstein asks if that's why they're all ganging up on him. Krano says he wants to take his time and fight him properly, but the situation won't allow it. With the three of them attacking Frankenstein simultaneously, Frankenstein is overpowered. Krano tells them it's humiliating that they have to gang up against a human and they should end the fight quickly. Just as they prepare to deliver the final blow, Krano suffers several slashes while the Braang is hit by several arrows. Frankenstein smiles, and tells the newcomers they're late. Rael and Karias have arrived. Karias replies that they came as soon as they got his message. Frankenstein grins saying he's glad they arrived. Rael and Karias are ready to face the enemy.
Dorant identifies the new invaders as clan leaders. Frankenstein sarcastically tells the Warriors that they should be glad, since now they don't need to feel bad about not being able to face him one on one. Dorant responds that he doesn't know how Frankenstein came to be working with the two new arrivals, but he seems to have gotten more confident due to their arrival and asks if he can trust the fallen Nobles? Without waiting for an answer, Dorant tells him, that he's going to make him realise how foolish that is and asks Braang and Krano to destroy them. The battle starts with Karias battling Braang, Rael fighting Krano and Frankenstein facing Dorant.
Dorant compels Frankenstein to summon Blood Spear and is subsequently defeated. It is revealed that the energy of the Dark Spear is particularly lethal to werewolves like Dorant who have undergone physical modification. Muzaka prevents Frankenstein from killing Dorant.


On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

On the process of writing the summary

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Powers & Abilities

Dorant is a very powerful werewolf warrior, and one of the most powerful if not the most powerful member of the werewolf clan. During his reign, Muzaka believed that only he has the talent to surpass him and take leadership. Dorant is able to overwhelm two Noble Clan Leaders at once and fight on equal grounds with Frankenstein. Juraki, a powerful warrior who knew Dorant was hiding his true strength was amazed at the power he unleashed against 4 Union experiments on par with Elders in power despite him being in a weakened state.



Dorant's enhanced transformation.

As a werewolf, Dorant can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. This transformation causes his body to grow long fur and causes his muscle mass to vastly increase. When he transforms, his physical abilities become enhanced. Like most werewolves, Dorant primarily uses his claws during combat. He is capable of producing massive energy beams that can cause immense destruction. After receiving physical modifications, Dorant gains the ability to transform even further. This transformation drastically increases his physical abilities and overall power. In this form, he becomes so powerful that he completely overwhelms Karias Blerster and Rael Kertia, and fights on par with Frankenstein at full power.

Physical Prowess

Dorant possesses immense physical strength, shown when he creates a large hole in the ground after punching Frankenstein. He is also extremely nimble, effortlessly able to dodge Frankenstein's attacks and keep up with him in terms of speed. In his enhanced form, his physical abilities are dramatically enhanced. His speed increases to the point were he can easily keep up with Rael and outpace him on a few occasions.

  • Regeneration: Though werewolves naturally possess superior regenerative abilities compared to Nobles, Dorant's regeneration power is on a very advanced level. After being severely cut by Rael, his wounds heal in a matter of seconds and was able to completely heal his severed arm and torso after being attacked by Karias. Frankenstein states that he has a very powerful regenerative power that is unbelievably fast.

Aura Manipulation


Dorant's ultimate attack.

As a warrior, Dorant possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders and has shown to be very skilled at manipulating it. He mostly uses his aura to enhance the strength of his claws in the form of wolf heads, which cover his entire fist. He can unleash two glowing aura spheres that enlarge after propulsion. This attack causes Frankenstein to lose consciousness and creates a huge crater. He is able to utilize his kinds' most powerful attack that only warriors can use. His aura is colored blue.



  • The authors forgot that they already had a name for Dorant so they gave him a new name, Tantura, in the advanced paid preview. But fans wrote in the comments that he was previously named as "Dorant". The authors realized their mistake and they changed the name in a few hours.


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