1st Elder has invaded the werewolves' territory and slaughtered many werewolves, as revenge for their cruelty towards humanity in the past. The warrior have lost contact with their security teams, so they split up to investigate. Juraki and Dorant find out that there's something wrong with the security systems from one of the werewolf technicians. The technician reports that they've lost contact with all the teams that went to investigate.


The werewolf technicians are investigating the area where 1st Elder is. He finds it cumbersome to keep dealing with them and asks 3rd Elder to deal with them instead. 3rd Elder kills them all by releasing his aura and the resulting blast alerts Juraki and Dorant, who are in the area investigating. The head for the blast site and find most of their technicians dead, Juraki says that based on the traces, there wasn't a battle, they were slaughtered. The two Elders have made it to the werewolves fortress. 1st Elder sits on the werewolf Throne and as he does, Dorant and Juraki charge at him. 3rd Elder stops them from attacking. Juraki asks who they are and why they're attacking. 1st Elder says that he's the King of the Humans who has come to judge their people. Juraki realises that they're from the Union and asks why the Union would do such a thing, he repeats his question and asks them why they're attacking. 1st Elder says that he didn't think that they would ask such a thing. He says that the werewolves have always thought of devouring humanity and that they simply acted quicker than them. Juraki realises that they're attacking because they know that the werewolves are now weaker. Three members of the werewolf security see them and approach Dorant and Juraki asking them what happened. They've been invaded by some mysterious enemies and there are werewolf corpses everywhere. 1st Elder laughs that the security teams ruin the mood every time. Juraki tells the security team to run, but before they can do anything, they are killed by 3rd Elder.

Battle Summary

This angers Juraki and he launches an attack against 3rd Elder. The attack is blocked by Haydn. Dorant realises that based on how Haydn blocked Juraki's attack so easily and the power that 3rd Elder displayed a moment ago, they're not opponents that they'll be able to face easily, in their current condition. Haydn bows to 1st Elder and says that their mission is complete. Geo drops Gotaru's body. The other guards arrive with Bashum's body. Juraki and Dorant are surprised to see that their friends have been defeated by the Royal Guard. 1st Elder asks Haydn, how it felt hunting the warriors and what it was like to fight them? Haydn replies that they were far weaker than he expected and that it felt like a waste of time and effort having to fight them. 1st Elder smiles at this while Juraki is angered by Haydn's words. 1st Elder remarks that he seems a lot angrier than he expected, since he heard that the werewolves weren't getting along very well, just like when he killed his companions a few moments ago. Juraki asks what he's trying to say. 1st Elder responds asking if he's angry that they killed their people, or whether it's because their pride has been hurt because humans are responsible. He adds that whatever the reason he shouldn't get so angry, because he should think about how they've looked down on humans, treated them like slaves and killed them.

Overall, the humans have been mistreated by the werewolves for a long time. He continues that he despises the werewolves for their actions towards humanity and even when they were in the Union, it was so they could obtain what they needed, and even then they made it clear that they could dominate the humans anytime they wanted. He asks how they can get so angry, after everything they've done. He tells them that they have no idea how angry they are at being suppressed and treated like bugs by them, and that they've never forgotten the pain and humiliation they suffered, and that through the generations they've become stronger and will make this world belong to the humans, now that they've finally obtained the power to surpass them. He gives them the chance to serve the humans. Juraki rebukes this by declaring that they'd never agree to such nonsense. 1st Elder returns that obviously they wouldn't bow down to the humans, whom they've looked down on for so long, then adds that the humans are going to use the power they've obtained to make them bow down to them. With that the royal guards charge at Dorant and Juraki, the two of them avoid the attack easily. Two of the guards, attack them from behind, this angers Dorant and Juraki. The two of them transform into combat mode and launch a counterattack against the royal guards pushing them back.

1st Elder comments that the two of them look like the strongest of the warriors, and asks Haydn if he'll be able to handle them? Haydn replies that although they're stronger than the warriors they faced earlier, that he expected this and that they shouldn't be worried. 3rd Elder adds that they shouldn't let their guard down until it's over. Juraki realises that he can't use his power properly since his body isn't in its normal state and that he's using power too quickly. He thinks that Dorant is probably in the same state. Haydn instructs the guards, not to let their guard down, since those two are on a different level to the warriors they've just faced and they'll face them as they've done in practise. The two hooded guards attack Juraki. Juraki avoids their attacks and manages to counterattack, injuring one of the guards, the other guard grabs him and Juraki manages to push him back. Geo draws her sword and attacks Juraki, he avoids the first attack, but can't avoid the second attack and Geo manages to deal a severe blow to him. This shocks Dorant who is then attacked by a royal guard. Juraki is injured but still alive, he states that when 1st Elder said that they'd obtained the power to fight the werewolves, he was referring to fighting like this. Haydn and 3rd Elder look on. 1st Elder responds saying that they should understand, but they probably don't realise it, because they've had great power, but they took time developing theirs and they'll do whatever it takes to beat them. Juraki returns that he says that with such confidence. 1st Elder instructs Geo to finish them off so they'll stop babbling. Dorant tries to help Juraki and dashes towards him only to be stopped by the royal guard from earlier. Juraki faces Geo. Geo is about to finish Juraki but she is pushed back by the sudden arrival of Garda.

1st Elder remarks that he knew there were more warriors, he continues, that they did their research beforehand and thought it was strange that there were so few of them left. Geo battles Garda. After their battle, 1st Elder tells them that they can't even begin to imagine what they had to sacrifice, in order to gain the power that the werewolves take for granted. He states that the sacrifice can't even be expressed in numbers and that his guards gave their own lives for the sake of one thing. "The Glory Of The Human Race".

At this four of the royal guards rush at Juraki. Juraki wonders if they're trying to get rid of him first since he's injured. Dorant attacks and manages to knock out two of the guards, the other two continue their attack. Juraki gets angry and launches a counterattack and manages to push them back. The four guards recover quickly and attack Juraki again this time from different directions. Dorant stands in front of Juraki and manages to push the guards back. Juraki wonders why Dorant is trying so hard to help him, since he's not in his normal state, and he's getting injured just helping him. Dorant looks at Juraki and says that he doesn't know why either. Juraki dodges an attack, whilst Dorant takes on the royal guard. Dorant is fighting with three members of the royal guard and winning, however they regenerate soon after he deals any meaningful damage. Juraki wonders how Dorant can be this strong, even though he's not in his normal state. Dorant is out of breath and realises that he's losing power too quickly. 1st Elder tells 3rd Elder that they're displaying such abilities even though they're not in their normal state, and says that if they'd missed this opportunity, they wouldn't have been able to defeat them. He instructs 3rd Elder to end this now. 3rd Elder attacks Dorant. Dorant is pushed back as he can't see the movement of his power. 3rd Elder attacks him again, knocking Dorant unconscious. Juraki goes to him. 3rd Elder attacks again, but Juraki shields Dorant from the attack. Juraki takes care of Dorant.


Dorant and Juraki are defeated. Garda arrives to in time to save Juraki but is soon defeated herself. Lunark saves Garda and takes over the battle.

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