Crombel's Assassins, not to be confused with the Assassination Squad are throwaway bodyguards, created by Dr. Crombel. The team consists of 6 members and a reanimated 1st Elder.


The Assassins

1st Elder - After being defeated by Dr. Crombel. 1st Elder is left, close to death. Crombel uses this opportunity to experiment on him, thereby reanimating him and turning him into a mindless henchman. 1st Elder retains all his thoughts and memories, however, his body acts on its own, meaning he has no control over his own actions, which causes him a great deal of stress and worry. He asks Frankenstein to kill him, which Frankenstein does after a short battle. Frankenstein remarks that he was a lot stronger, the first time he faced him. Frankenstein leaves 1st Elder's dead body and goes off to deal with Crombel, thereby allowing him to be transformed into a hideous creature by the Blood Stone along with the rest of Crombel's defeated henchmen.

Unnamed Assassin 1 - A female assassin with blue hair.

Unnamed Assassin 2 - A red-haired male assassin.

Unnamed Assassin 3 - A lilac-skinned male with a metal jaw, yellow mustache and cyborg eyepiece.

Unnamed Assassin 4 - A brown-skinned male, with short grey hair on the top of his head. Clean shaven on the sides. He has scars down his cheeks and wears a gas mask.

Unnamed Assassin 5 - A bald, brown-skinned male wearing sunglasses, and a goatee.

Unnamed Assassin 6 - A cream-skinned male, with grey hair. Wearing a gas mask.


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