Drakon (Also spelled Drakun) (Kor. 드라쿤) was a male werewolf warrior who appeared with Kuharu, Kaiyo and Mount in the joint mission of Werewolves and Traitor Nobles to invade Lukedonia, under the command of their Lord, Maduke.


Drakon had a muscular build and grey skin. His complexion is composed of two shades of grey which is prominent on his face, where a zigzag pattern separates the upper half which is lighter and the lower half which is darker. His ice blond hair is parted into two braided pigtails, one resting on either side of his neck. He wears fur loincloth and leg warmers.


Drakon was a warrior who enjoys to hunt stronger opponents. He was extremely loyal to his Lord and for him he didn't hesitate to compromise with his principles. He was a confident and rational warrior who was also very committed to his teammates safety.


Plot Overview

Drakon, Kuharu and Mount join the traitor nobles in the journey to Lukedonia. On the way, they accidentally meet Rajak Kertia. When Lagus and Gradeus decide to eliminate the unexpected clan leader, Drakon offers a proposal. As Kertia clan is known for speed and Kuharu is the werewolves' pride in agility, he suggests that Kuharu faces Rajak in a duel. His proposal is accepted by Lagus (although Gradeus clearly opposes it) and the battle begins. Kuharu is gradually overcome and the traitor nobles step into the fight. Drakon retorts at first but he withdraws when reminded that their original objective is to invade Lukedonia, not to waste time and energy elsewhere. As Gradeus strikes the mortal blow and Rajak meets his eternal sleep, Drakon acknowledges the young noble as a true warrior before departing.
Later the group reaches Lukedonia, getting through the barriers without alerting the nobles - thanks to Lagus' skill. They split up to wreck havoc across Lukedonia. Drakon and Mount meet up with a comrade, Kaiyo who has been following them since the start of the journey, keeping her distance so as to not raise the suspicion of traitor nobles. Their original mission, as dictated by their Lord, is to get rid of all nobles: Lukedonian and traitors.
Before long, they reach a mountainous area where Drakon senses a strong presence and realises that they have entered the zone of a clan leader. He is both surprised and glad to find that it is Kei Ru, the strongest of clan leaders. As Kei approaches them, Drakon challenges him on a duel and they both get started. Although Drakon claimed to be the stronger one because of having trained longer, he is gradually overpowered by Kei.
Kei is overpowered by the combined efforts of Drakon, Mount and Kaiyo. As Drakon is about to finish Kei, Raskreia interferes and saves the clan leader. Drakon and his companions lure her to the location where the traitor clan leaders are gathered.
Drakon doesn't participate in the battle against the noble Lord. He finally comes in action when the Noblesse arrives at the scene. Drakon is easily overpowered by Raizel who brings him on his knees. As Raizel is about to kill him Mount saves him. Drakon realises that they underestimated the power of nobles both in the past and the present. He remembers how Maduke and others tried to convince Muzaka to declare war in Lukedonia. But Muzaka refused it as by saying that if they annoyed Lukedonia then their entire race will be wiped out. Back in the past Drakon thought Muzaka was a timid Lord but now after witnessing the power of the nobles and the Noblesse he realises that out of their entire race only Muzaka knew the true potential of nobles.
After Lagus fuses with the Blood Stone, the werewolves tries to overpower Raskreia but fails. Later on Lagus launches a sneak attack on the werewolves to absorb their life essence. Drakon protests but Lagus justifies that none of them trusted each other, and also if he succeeds in taking over Lukedonia with the help of the power he absorbed from the werewolves, then their mission will be considered successful. Drakon saves Kaiyo but he falls victim to Lagus's attack. He dies after having his life essence completely absorbed by Lagus, leaving a withered and mummified corpse.

Spin-offs & Other Media

Drakon does not feature in Rai's Adventure.

Drakon does not feature in Noblesse S.

Drakon does not feature in the Beginning Of Destruction OVA.

Drakon does not feature in the Awakening OVA.

Summary coming soon.


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  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

  • On the process of writing the summary

Powers & Abilities

Drakon was a powerful werewolf warrior, able to fight on par with Kei Ru, the strongest Noble Clan Leader. Drakon states that he is one of the strongest members of his kind.


Drakun transformation

Drakon's transformation.

Like all werewolves, Drakon can transform his body into a much larger, more muscular and overall a more wolf-like form. When transformed, he gains dark navy fur on his arms and torso as well as bigger sideburns on his face. His physical abilities and senses are greatly enhanced when transformed.

Physical Prowess

Drakon possesses immense physical strength, able to match Kei Ru, the strongest clan leader in battle. He is also extremely fast, easily able to keep up with Kei Ru.

  • Regeneration: As a werewolf, Drakon possesses superior regeneration that allows him to focus more on trading blows with his enemies. After undergoing physical modification, Drakon gained an advanced form of regeneration. With his healing factor, Drakon can push himself to his utmost limit in a battle taking damage that would be fatal to most warriors and recover in mere seconds.

Aura Manipulation

As a warrior, Drakon possesses an immense amount of spiritual energy (aura) that is equal to clan leaders. He is very skilled at manipulating his own aura, shown when he fires a powerful blast at Kei Ru.




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